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Video: Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Calls Effort by Hawley, Gohmert, etc. to Overturn Election “Nuts,” a “Grift,” “Complete Crap”; Predicts Pence Won’t Go Along “With Any of This”

Riggleman asks, "When does a scam become a coup?"


Earlier this afternoon on MSNBC, Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) had some pointed comments about Sen. Josh Hawley, challenging the Electoral College results, trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election, etc.

  • Riggleman said politically, it might be great for Republicans’ fundraising or their “base” to object to the results of the presidential election, but “nationally it’s horrific.
  • Riggleman charged Republicans with “objecting to federalism,” ignoring the states, and said “the only thing I can say is it’s nuts…all of this is based on disinformation and conspiracy theories...they’re throwing away federalism, throwing away what makes this country great…all from really a baseline of disinformation and ridiculousness.
  • Riggleman asked, “When does a scam become a coup?
  • Riggleman said “it’s a frightening prospect for them to continue down this road.”
  • Riggleman said a lot of Republicans “are fundraising off of fantasy,” and in order to raise funds, they have to get “more and more provocative,” which can lead to “radicalism” and “people to act on this thinking that it’s true when it’s not.”
  • Riggleman said “this is all just political, has nothing to do with rule of law” or “what’s good for this country.”
  • Riggleman said he’d be “incredibly surprised if [Pence] went along with any of this.” As for Louie Gohmert, Kelli Ward, etc., Riggleman said they “seem to have an affinity for conspiracy theories.” Riggleman said the lawsuit by Gohmert is “not even worth the paper it’s written on, it’s complete crap.”
  • Riggleman said this is all a “grift” for Republicans to raise money, but it’s hurting the American people because “it is dictating dialog based on unicorns Bigfoot” and not “a republic based on fact.”


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