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Video: With Special Election in Just 17 Days, Candi King Kicks Off Her HD02 Campaign

Speakers at the event include Sen. Louise Lucas, Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, Majority Leader Charniele Herring, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, PW Chair Ann Wheeler, etc.


See below for video of HD02 Democratic nominee Candi King’s campaign kickoff for the seat vacated by Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, who is running for governor. The Special Election will be on January 5, so there’s not much time left. Speakers at the kickoff included:

  • Speaker of the House of Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn: Emphasized the tremendous accomplishments of the Democratic-controlled Virginia House of Delegates, and emphasized that “we can NOT let it slip away,” and clearly if Republicans were to retake the majority, they would try to “roll back all the progress that we have made, and there is a lot of it.” So…let’s make sure we elect Candi King  – “a fighter…a doer…she finds ways to do good for every member of her community” – on January 5.
  • State Senator L. Louise Lucas, President pro tempore of the Virginia Senate: Talked about Candi King being a “worker,” a “doer,” someone who has “learned enough about my job to be the Senator, so I know she’s going to make a good delegate.” Said there’s never been a job that Candi King’s been asked to do that she hasn’t “been willing to step up to the plate and take care of.” Also encouraged everyone to donate to Candi King’s campaign. Said that if Yvonne Miller were here, she’s be “so proud, I just can’t imagine…because Candi was like our baby…she was hungry for knowledge…just to note how proud [Yvonne Miller] would be of Candi at this moment.”
  • Former Virginia Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy: Said it’s been the honor of a lifetime to represent HD02. Said Candi King will “fight for you in the House of Delegates.” Called her a “bold, progressive community leader” and said she has the experience and public service background to help defeat COVID-19, build a prosperous post-COVID economy, etc. Said we have “so much work to do” and “have to keep the 2nd district blue.” Urged everyone to donate to Candi King’s campaign.
  • Candi King: Said that she “grew up in the projects of Portsmouth, Virginia with very little, who knows what it means to feel hunger…to fight for every single thing I wanted in life.” Said she’s running because “someone believed enough in me to deposit in me the skills needed to do this job…If there were not a Senator Lucas, if there were not a Speaker [Filler-Corn], if there were not an Andrea Bailey, a Margaret Franklin, a Jennifer Carroll Foy, if there were not an Ann Wheeler…a Senator Yvonne Miller who thought that my ideas were good enough to consider and wanted to teach me how to turn ideas into action.” She said she’s “here to fight for the community that I love, for the families of Stafford…Prince William…for those of us who want a bright future for each child who comes behind us.” She concluded, “I need your help; we can’t take this seat for granted [or] allow people whose ideals and principles do not match the ideas and principles of our community…represent us down in Richmond.” She asked that everyone donate, volunteer, phone bank, etc., and said that together, we can come out of this pandemic stronger than ever, “but we have to do it together.” She thanked all of her Democratic nomination competitors for their support in the special election. She promised, WHEN elected, to be a voice, to be accessible and to fight for what is right. Good stuff!
  • Supervisor Ann Wheeler, Chair Prince William County Board of Supervisors: Talked about being invited into Candi King’s home for Kwanzaa, said “she made me part of that celebration,” and that “showed me is that she’s someone who brings people together and is a community leader.” Wheeler added that Candi King will be a great delegate and someone who can fill the shoes of Jennifer Carroll Foy. Wheeler noted that the special election of April 2017 (Jackie Smith for Clerk of the Court) really started to turn the tide, and now we have another important special election that we need to win and should win.
  • Supervisor Margaret Franklin, Prince William County – Woodbridge District: Said she’s known Candi King for years, said she’s always been service oriented, always someone who made sure people felt included, someone who clearly cares about the community and has good ideas to move it forward. Said that Candi King will be “a wonderful delegate.” Asked everyone to get involved, donate, etc. to help Candi King win this special election.
  • Virginia House Majority Leader Charniele Herring: Said it’s only been 36 years ago since the first African-American woman was elected to the Virginia General Assembly, and for Candi King to have worked with Yvonne Miller and Louise Lucas – “the queens of the General Assembly…iconic” – “what a great role model that you have before you.” Noted that just 12 years ago, she was sitting just where Candi King is now – in a special election, just after a Democrat had been elected to the White House, in a blue district, and she only won by 16 votes. Herring argued that Republicans are hungry to claim that they’re coming back, and that we can’t take this election for granted…it’s not “guaranteed for Candi.” In fact, we shouldn’t even let Republicans to get “even close Candi,” but instead we should “blow this out of the water…this is so crucial…Prince William County is the bellwether for the entire state.”
  • Supervisor Andrea O. Bailey, Prince William County – Potomac District: Said Candi King is a “very gracious leader,” emphasized that she needs everyone to “stand with her,” that we can not and WILL not lose this seat.
Great stuff, now let’s all help Candi King win this thing!


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