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Veronica Coleman: Why Jennifer Carroll Foy Is the Candidate I Support for Governor for Virginia.


by Veronica Coleman 

When I go to the ballot box, the character of the candidates matters to me. As a pastor, trust, morals, and service all matter to me. My representation in government should be someone I respect, admire, and someone who I know will listen to my community. I want to know that my governor will hold the values of the people close to her heart, and I know former Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy will be that kind of governor.

I know Jennifer Carroll Foy personally, and I admire her continuous pursuit of service. Each step of her life, she carries with her a purpose to service the people — as a Virginia Military Institute graduate, a foster mom, a public defender, and a delegate. She knows the struggles of everyday Virginians because she has lived them. She keeps fighting for the people, and that is what she will do as Governor.

It’s no surprise to anyone Richmond isn’t working the way it should. Who our representatives choose to listen to weighs on us greatly — on everyday Virginians like you and me. Our representatives are elected by the people to listen to people, and when they don’t, they fail the people.

We pay too much for prescription drugs because pharmaceutical companies want to continue overcharging sick patients, and my congregants are burdened with exploitative rates by Dominion. Even during this legislative session, eleven state senators killed a bill to abolish private prisons in Virginia — nine of those senators received contributions from private prisons in Virginia. Corruption hurts our communities in real ways.

While other candidates cozy up to wealthy and powerful, Jennifer Carroll Foy is proposing solutions to eliminate corruption in politics. She hasn’t taken a dime from Dominion, and her bold plan to ban corporate contributions is exactly the kind of proposal that will lift up the voice of the people — of my congregants and my community. As a delegate, she fought for greater restrictions on public service companies from paying for lobbyists or making campaign contributions. She also sponsored legislation to prohibit legislators and candidates from soliciting or accepting donations from public utilities. Not only does she have a record of fighting corporate interests, but she has a sweeping plan for eliminating their undue influence on our elected officials.

Jennifer Carroll Foy is the candidate I trust to bring transparency, fairness, and the people back to the seat of government. She recognizes that the corruption piercing the heart of our government in Richmond will have long lasting effects on Virginia, and she is the candidate equipped to end it. Time and time again, she has fought for our communities, for everyday Virginians, and for a clean government. Driven by her charge to serve the people, Jennifer Carroll Foy is the candidate I support for governor for Virginia.


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