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Wason Center Poll: Biden Approval at 57%-36%; By 55%-39% Margin, Virginians Approve of Gov. Northam’s COVID Response

Only 27% of Virginia Republicans believe Biden won the president legitimately


The Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University is out with part 2 of its new polling (for part 1, see here). Here are a few highlights:

  • “Two out of three Virginia voters (67%) say 2021 will be better than 2020.” 92% of Democrats believe that, compared to 70% of Independents and just 33% of Republicans.
  • “President Joe Biden’s approval rating sits at 57%, and he receives his highest marks for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic (67% approve to 25% disapprove).”  Among Democrats, Biden’s approval is at 94%, diametrically different than just 11% among Republicans.
  • “A majority of Virginia voters say Biden’s election was legitimate (68%), but one out of four say it was not (26%).” 100% of Democrats say Biden won legitimately, 67%-19% of Independents and…in the upside-down world, only 27% of Republicans. Pathetic.
  • “Comparing Donald Trump to past presidents, a majority of Virginia voters say Trump is definitely worse than most (54%); 10% say he is not as good as most; 18% say he is better than most; and 15% say he is one of the very best.” Not surprisingly, Democrats overwhelmingly (93%) say “worse than most,” while 37% of Republicans bizarrely believe Trump was “one of the very best.” It’s a powerful cult, no doubt.
  • “A majority of Virginia voters say Biden will be a successful president (56%), but partisan differences are clear, as 69% of Republicans say he will be unsuccessful compared to 2% of Democrats and 33% of independents. 91% of African-American voters say Biden will be successful.”
  • “A majority of Virginia voters are confident that Biden will strike the right balance in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic (64%) and racial inequality (53%).”
  • “More than twice as many voters blame the federal government (46%) than the state government (20%) for the slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination.”
  • By a 55%-39% margin, Virginia voters approve of the job Gov. Northam’s doing in handling the COVID pandemic.

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