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DLCC Announces Initial Virginia Spotlight Candidates; Meet 15 Incumbents In Critical Races To Keep Virginia Blue


From the DLCC:

DLCC Announces Initial Virginia Spotlight Candidates

Meet fifteen incumbents in critical races to keep Virginia blue

WASHINGTON — Democrats flipped the Virginia House of Delegates from red to blue for the first time in over two decades in 2019, and defending control of the chamber is the number one priority for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee this year. Since winning control of the General Assembly, Democrats have made historic progress for Virginians and this year’s elections are the first time they will face voters since winning a government trifecta.

“As a Virginia resident, I could not be more proud of the work our incredible Democratic state legislators have accomplished over the last two years,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “From dealing with the coronavirus pandemic to safeguarding voting rights, we’ve made historic progress for the commonwealth. But we’re just getting started — it’s crucial that we maintain control of this chamber so that we can keep Virginia moving forward.”

The DLCC’s first round of Spotlight candidates includes fifteen incumbent legislators who are ready to defend their seats and keep fighting for their communities: 

  • Delegate Wendy Gooditis (HD-10): An experienced educator, Wendy Gooditis defeated a Republican incumbent in 2017 and has dedicated her time in the General Assembly to fighting for the environment and affordable health care.
  • Delegate Chris Hurst (HD-12): A former news anchor, Chris Hurst decided to run for office after his girlfriend was murdered on live television. After flipping the district in 2017, he has been a fierce advocate for commonsense gun safety reform, clean energy jobs, and access to mental health care. 
  • Delegate Danica Roem (HD-13): In 2017, Danica Roem became the first openly transgender legislator in the nation after flipping a long-time Republican stronghold. She has worked tirelessly in office to reduce traffic on Route 28 and end hunger in Virginia.
  • Delegate Kelly Fowler (HD-21): A Virginia Beach native, Kelly Fowler has served as an able advocate for her community in the House of Delegates. She’s running for reelection to keep fighting for education funding, affordable health care, and job creation.
  • Delegate Josh Cole (HD-28): Josh Cole flipped his district blue in 2019 and is running for reelection to keep fighting for his community. He’s dedicated his legislative career to progressive causes including affordable college and criminal justice reform.
  • Delegate Dan Helmer (HD-40): Dan Helmer graduated from West Point and served in the military for years. After flipping his seat in 2019, he has fought for commonsense gun safety reform and affordable health care. 
  • Delegate Kathy Tran (HD-42): Kathy Tran and her family came to the U.S. as refugees when she was just seven months old. Since winning election in 2017, she has fought to expand access to health care, strengthen public education, help working families, and advance women’s rights. 
  • Delegate Lashresce Aird (HD-63): At her first election, Lashresce Aird became the youngest woman ever elected to the Virginia House. She’s a fierce advocate for raising the minimum wage and increasing access to reproductive services.
  • Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg (HD-72): A lifelong educator, Schuyler VanValkenburg is a tireless advocate for stronger public schools. He’s running for reelection to continue working to make Virginia a nationwide leader in public education.
  • Delegate Rodney Willett (HD-73): A lifelong Virginian, Rodney Willett has fought to expand gun safety, improve educational opportunities, and pass the ERA. 
  • Delegate Roslyn Tyler (HD-75): A lifelong Virginian and experienced legislator, Roslyn Tyler has a long track record of fighting for her constituents. She understands the importance of fully-funded education and access to affordable health care. 
  • Delegate Nancy Guy (HD-83): A former school board member, Nancy Guy has fought tirelessly for her community. During her time in office, she has been a fierce advocate for public schools, reproductive rights, and commonsense gun safety reform. 
  • Delegate Alex Askew (HD-85): Alex Askew is an experienced legislator who helped craft bills to expand Medicaid and increase affordable housing. He’s running for reelection to keep fighting for Virginia Beach. 
  • Delegate Martha Mugler (HD-91): Martha Mugler served three terms on her local school board and is a lifelong advocate for public education. During her first term in the legislature, she led the passage of the teacher pay raise bill. 
  • Delegate Shelly Simonds (HD-94): After flipping this seat blue in 2019, Shelly Simonds has been hard at work fighting for public education and affordable health care. She’s running for reelection to continue working for a better Virginia. 

Defending the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates is the first major election under the Biden administration. With the Virginia GOP’s full-throated embrace of conspiracy theories and Donald Trump, it’s imperative that Democrats maintain control so they can keep fighting for everyday Virginians.


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