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Latest Stats Show 68/100 VA House of Delegates Districts Being Contested By Rs and Ds; Just 9 GOP-Held Seats Without a Dem Challenger

There's still plenty of time for more challengers to file...


By VPAP’s count, as of the moment (with plenty of time left to file for the November general election), we’ve already set a record for the number of Virginia House of Delegates seats being contested by both Republicans and Democrats. That tops the 60 districts we saw contested in 2017 and the 64 seats contested in 2019, let alone the (only) 29 seats fought over in 2015 (and just 27 contested seats in 2011).

By the way, according to this list, House of Delegates districts currently without both D and R candidates are: HD2 (incumbent Democratic Del. Candi King); HD3 (incumbent Republican Del. Will Morefield);  HD6 (incumbent Republican Del. Jeff Campbell); HD15 (incumbent Republican Del. Todd Gilbert); HD16 (incumbent Republican Del. Les Adams); HD17 (incumbent Republican Del. Chris Head); HD22 (incumbent Republican Del. Kathy Byron); HD23 (incumbent Republican Del. Wendell Walker); HD24 (incumbent Republican Del. Ronnie Campbell); HD29 (incumbent Republican Del. Bill Wiley); HD32 (incumbent Democratic Del. David Reid); HD34 (incumbent Democratic Del. Kathleen Murphy); HD35 (incumbent Democratic Del. Mark Keam); HD37 (incumbent Democratic Del. David Bulova); HD38 (incumbent Democratic Del. Kaye Kory; HD39 (incumbent Democratic Del. Vivian Watts); HD44 (incumbent Democratic Del. Paul Krizek); HD46 (incumbent Democratic Del. Charniele Herring); HD47 (incumbent Democratic Del. Patrick Hope); HD48 (incumbent Democratic Del. Rip Sullivan); HD49 (incumbent Democratic Del. Alfonso Lopez); HD70 (incumbent Democratic Del. Delores McQuinn); HD71 (incumbent Democratic Del. Jeff Bourne); HD72 (incumbent Democratic Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg); HD74 (incumbent Democratic Del. Lamont Bagby); HD77 (incumbent Democratic Del. Cliff Hayes); HD80 (incumbent Democratic Del. Don Scott); HD87 (incumbent Democratic Del. Suhas Subramanyam); HD90 (incumbent Democratic Del. Angelia Williams Graves); HD92 (incumbent Democratic Del. Jeion Ward); HD94 (incumbent Democratic Del. Shelly Simonds); HD95 (incumbent Democratic Del. Cia Price). So that makes just 9 Republican delegates without a Democratic challenger at this point and 23 Democratic incumbents without a Republican challenger at this point. Also note that several of these districts DO have primary challenges, but do NOT have two-party competition as of yet.


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