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Video: VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pete Snyder Vows to “beat up the Democrats, make them black and blue”

Snyder also (falsely) claims that "Democrats only see race and color."


The following video, of Pete Snyder speaking to a crowd of Travis Hackworth supporters, is…odd, let’s just say. Here’s what Snyder had to say:

“No matter what happens on May 8…I’m a true conservative…I’m a team player…I hope I’m leading the ticket, but no matter what, we are going to duke it out and fight. Chuck mentioned that Democrats only see race and color. I saw some color up here…black and blue [signs], black and blue again and again and again, and that’s what Travis and I are going to do together, we are going to beat up the Democrats, make them that black and blue.”

I mean, it sounds like Snyder’s trying to make a joke of some sort, but is it funny? Particularly in the context of what happened on January 6 and everything else going on in the country right now? Sure seems like a weird comment to make.

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