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With Virginia On Verge Of Legalizing Marijuana, Del. John McGuire (R) Goes on Right-Wing Talk Radio to Rant About Its Supposed Evils

Among other false claims: that pot is a "gateway drug" that leads people down "path of destruction"; that Dems are doing this b/c they are "drunk with power" and only care about the $$$; etc.


Want some entertainment this morning? Check out this morning’s discussion about marijuana legalization between Del. John McGuire (R- this guy) and right-wing radio host John Reid on WRVA. According to these two:

  • The push to legalize marijuana is supposedly all being done “in the name of social justice and racial justice.”
  • Is a “gateway drug” that will lead people down a “path of destruction,” “brings all this crime,” “is damaging.”
  • That legalization of marijuana is “all about lawlessness,” “children and the breakdown of families.”
  • That Democrats are supposedly “drunk with power” for wanting to do this, and it’s all “about the money”/”money trumps morality.”
  • That this isn’t about being a “productive, prosperous, successful citizen” but about “enjoying yourself at the moment.”

P.S. Note that Gov. Northam is widely expected in the next day or so to amend a marijuana legalization bill, moving the timeline up from January 2024 to July 2021.

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