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Audio: 2020 VA GOP U.S. Senate Nominee Daniel Gade Recounts How Pete Snyder Hung Up on Him Because Gade Didn’t Know Who Snyder Was

According to Gade, Snyder also said he had to call Sen. Mark Warner for permission to give Gade money


This is truly hilarious (see transcript and audio, below), and also VERY revealing about 2021 VA GOP gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder. Check it out, as 2020 VA GOP U.S. Senate nominee Daniel Gade tells a story about Snyder…

“There’s…another business guy…in the race and his name is Pete Snyder. And you know I’ve only talked to Pete a couple of times. I’ll tell you a story, it’s really funny. So…one of the jobs of any candidate is to call people and ask for money and raise money, and Snyder’s a well-known sort of rich guy in Virginia. And so I called him and I didn’t get him on the phone and…he called back maybe an hour or two later and he didn’t identify himself. I didn’t know who it was…and he said, hey, you know, I’m blah blah blah. And he’s talking and I said, ‘I’m sorry, who’s this?’ And he goes, ‘this is Pete Snyder; when you know who I am, you call me back.’ Click. And he hangs up on me. And I’m like, you know, to myself…I didn’t know who you were before this phone call, but I absolutely know who you are now…When somebody says, do you know who I am, that’s a clear indication…I mean, I’ve never…served with anybody like that. You know that level of arrogance is pretty hard to to stomach when you come from a tradition of service as I do.

And then like a week before the end of the campaign, he called me and said, ‘hey, I’m ready to give you some money.’ And I said, ‘thank you sir, I really appreciate that.’ And he said, ‘but first, I’ve got to call Mark Warner and get his permission, because he and I are friends’So he called my opponent to get permission to give me some money and then gave me a thousand dollars before the end of the campaign. And I thanked him…and everything. But, you know, I just feel like if you want a business guy there’s a a successful business guy in the race and who’s humble enough to work the polls. Or you could go with the guy who says to statewide candidates, you know who I am. Well, I do now, yeah, I know who you are.”

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