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Audio: VA GOP Chair Explains That Although the Convention’s on Saturday, 5/8, There Might Not Be Results Until the Following Tuesday, 5/11

The VA GOP will have 70-80 people in a ballroom in Richmond counting ballots...


The VA GOP’s “unassembled convention” to nominate candidates for statewide offices in Virginia is being held on Saturday, May 8, using Ranked Choice Voting. The polling locations are listed on the party’s website, as are the rules for the convention, Ranked Choice Voting instructions, etc.. Check out the audio of VA GOP Chair Rich Anderson on WRVA the other day, explaining why we might not have results until as late as Tuesday, May 11. As Anderson explains:

We’re going to essentially do an old-fashioned hand count. So what will happen is the ballots will be transported from the voting locations around the state to a central location in Richmond. They will be sealed, signed and transported with multiple escorts with various interests in the outcome to Richmond where they will be stored on Saturday night. And then the counting will begin on Sunday. We’ll have multiple-person-counting teams…We’ll also have representatives from each of the campaigns in full view of the ballots, so they have the assurance that everything is being done correctly. And then lastly, we’re going to have an independent accounting firm…to verify…And in the way of expectation management, if we go multiple ballots -because this is going to be a deliberate, methodical process – it could be Monday, and let’s say it goes to multiple ballots, even Tuesday. But we’re making arrangements for a ballroom in a central location in Richmond…We will probably have I think about 70 or 80 people to assess these 53,000 ballots and take them through the various recounts if necessary.”


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