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Jennifer Carroll Foy Launches First TV Ad on Fight for Quality, Affordable Healthcare


From the Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor campaign:

Jennifer Carroll Foy Launches First TV Ad on Fight for Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Carroll Foy Shares Personal Healthcare Story, Successful Fight for Medicaid Expansion

(Woodbridge, VA) – Today, Jennifer Carroll Foy’s campaign launched its first TV ad in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, “My Grandmother,” highlighting Carroll Foy’s deep commitment to fighting for quality, affordable healthcare for all Virginians rooted in her family’s challenges with the healthcare system.

In the ad, Carroll Foy describes how she had to make difficult decisions between paying for her family’s mortgage or the medication keeping her grandmother alive after she suffered a stroke. Carroll Foy reflects on how access to healthcare saved her life and the lives of her twin boys after they were born premature, and her role in successfully expanding Medicaid as a member of the House of Delegates.

Carroll Foy has made access to healthcare a key priority of her campaign for Governor, recognizing that Virgnians have faced some of the highest healthcare costs in the nation and the existence of deep inequities in the healthcare system, even before the COVID-19 pandemic that has made access to quality, affordable healthcare more important than ever. Earlier this year, Carroll Foy announced a comprehensive plan to make healthcare more affordable, rein in spiraling pharmaceutical costs, further expand coverage, and more.

My Grandmother” begins airing today as part of a six-figure buy in the Richmond and Norfolk media markets.



Growing up, my grandmother and I didn’t have much.

But she never let that hold us down.

Then she had a stroke and we were forced to choose between her mortgage and medicine.

So when my babies were born early, I was grateful to have healthcare that saved their lives and mine.

I’m Jennifer Carroll Foy.

I’ve been a foster mom, public defender, and Delegate who expanded Medicaid.

Now, I’m running for Governor to bring affordable healthcare to all of us.

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