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State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Updates Us On the Virginia GOP’s “Epidemic of Corruption”; Rips Pete Snyder Campaign, “Pusillanimous” VA GOP Chair Rich Anderson


C’mon, admit it, you didn’t want to through an entire weekend without hearing from Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R). Right? I mean, where else can you get the kind of consistent, high-quality entertainment that she provides? OK…well…maybe not, come to think of it. 🙂  On the other hand, Chase does have a way with words when it comes to eviscerating the Virginia GOP, and for a strongly pro-Democratic site like this one, that in and of itself is worth checking out. So…see below for Chase’s latest email, in which she provides an “Update on RPV’s Epidemic of Corruption.” Here are a few highlights – enjoy! 🙂

  • “Despite an obvious conflict of interest that debased the election system, neither Dan Webb, Chris Marston, nor Jordan Labiosa reported it to the SCC or Rich Anderson. In fact, Jordan REPEATEDLY lied about doing paid work to help Pete Snyder!”
  • “Given the sheer conflict of the situation, I demanded immediate action from RPV Chairman Rich Anderson. After two days of no response, I called Rich directly and his pusillanimous retort was his ‘hands were tied.’ To be very clear, the Chairman’s explanation is both false and a complete abdication of his responsibility as a leader of our Party!”
  • Rich’s real problem is if he actually enforced a conflict of interest provision, the Party would have to get rid of its communications director, fundraiser, legal counsel, and online director as all are either getting paid to help Pete’s campaign or being paid by firms whose owner’s fall in the previous category!”
  • Right now, Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats have fewer conflicts of interest than the state Republican Party; to state the obvious this is a HUGE PROBLEM!”

As always, the question is, why would anyone in their right mind vote for a slimy, extremist party like this?!?


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