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“Glenn Youngkin’s blank slate?” Only If You Paid Literally ZERO Attention To Youngkin’s Hard-Right Campaign.

Lauding Rush Limbaugh, proudly campaigning with Ted Cruz, saying "Trump represents so much of why I’m running" bragging about being "a lifetime member of the NRA," pushing voter suppression measures...


It’s just astounding that nonsense like this gets written, let alone published in the Washington Post “Local Opinions” section. Of course, this is the same Washington Post which also published the misleading, anti-progressive, falsehood-ridden piece by the same author (Professor Mark Rozell of Koch U…er, GMU), which among other things absurdly/falsely claimed Virginia Democrats had engaged in “a leftward lurch unprecedented in more than 400 years of always cautious, predominantly conservative Virginia governance” and also absurdly/falsely claimed that “Virginia’s political complexion has changed from fire-engine red at the turn of the 21st century, when Republicans took control of every statewide office and institution of government in Virginia, to azure blue over the past few years.”

So now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got the new piece Glenn Youngkin’s blank slate may give the Virginia GOP a fighting chance, which argued that Youngkin is “a blank canvas” who supposedly “showed political moxie in his nomination battle, mostly keeping the messaging his campaign controlled upbeat,” whose “message was largely old-school Republican — pro-business, pro-gun, antiabortion and anti-big-government — although he pandered to baseless GOP grievances over unproven wholesale election fraud” and who supposedly has now “executed a nuanced turn toward the political center.”

Wuuuuut? Again, how does this crap get written, let alone published in the Washington Post. In reality, of course, Youngkin hasn’t moved to the “political center” in any way/shape/form, nor is he “largely old-school Republican,” nor was his VA GOP nomination message “controlled upbeat,” nor is he a “blank canvas”…unless you literally have been paying zero attention. Let’s review:

  • In February, Youngkin went all-in on voter suppression, launching an “election integrity task force” which “was his campaign’s only semi-elaborated proposal,” whichwinked at the ‘big lie’ and his party’s Trumpist base,” while “feign[ing] ignorance of recent history and the GOP’s role in it.” Youngkin spoke and tweeted about this “issue” many times during his campaign, such as on March 10, when he tweeted, “I’ve talked to many Virginians who are concerned about Virginia’s election process. I launched my Election Integrity Task Force to restore faith in our election process…”
  • On February 17, Youngkin tweeted about extremist bigot and all-out Trumpster Rush Limbaugh: “So sorry to hear of Rush Limbaugh’s passing today. We’re praying for his family and those to whom he meant so much. Thank you Rush for your leadership and service.” That tweet alone really says it all about Youngkin.
  • On February 24, Youngkin listed his priorities for Virginia as follows: “I will rebuild Virginia’s economy, protect our Second Amendment rights, and defend the lives of unborn babies.” On that latter point, on May 8 Youngkin tweeted: “As your governor, I will protect the rights of all born and unborn Virginians. If you believe in life as strongly as I do, come out and vote today!” Keep that in mind, particularly as Roe v Wade is in grave jeopardy at the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • On March 2, Youngkin went for the latest, bizarre, far-right “culture war” idiocy, writing: “Why is Loudoun County so concerned about banning Dr. Seuss instead of safely opening our schools five days a week? Enough is enough. We have to stand up.
  • Also in March, Youngkin attacked the American Rescue Plan — “calling it ‘unnecessary’ and ‘absolutely […] wrong — despite the fact that it provides critical COVID-19 relief to working families, small businesses, and entire communities across the Commonwealth.”
  • On March 19, Youngkin appeared on the far-right, conspiracy-theory “One America News Network.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, Youngkin tweeted on May 4: “Listen to what Tucker Carlson and I have to say about the liberal takeover of our schools in Virginia. Vote for me for governor on Saturday (May 8) and we’ll stop the left’s attack on our children’s education, our Pledge of Allegiance, & our Commonwealth.”  All of which is 100% false, of course. Youngkin also ranted about a supposed “radical leftist takeover.” Again, nothing “centrist” or “moderate” about this guy…
  • In April, at a governor’s forum, when asked about the right-wing-fever-swamp, bats***-crazy conspiracy theory about “Dominion voting machines,” Youngkin responded, “Ladies & gentlemen, this is the most important issue we’re going to talk about.” WTF? At the same forum, Youngkin also claimed that if Virginia got rid of anti-union/anti-worker laws, “we can kiss our biz enviro goodbye.”
  • Also in April, Youngkin asserted: “I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, & I understand what it means to protect our right to keep & bear arms. As governor, I will defend that right with every legal capacity that I have. I so fundamentally disagree with President Biden — These Amendments are absolute!” So basically, Youngkin believes that there can be no limits whatsoever on guns, since the right is “absolute.” Very much in the “political center,” eh?
  • On April 23, Youngkin played into another right-wing-echo-chamber meme, this time on the supposed “Northam Administration’s Move to Eliminate Accelerated Math Classes.” Which, of course, is not the case at all.
  • Youngkin was endorsed leading up to the VA GOP convention by the odious, extremist Sen. Ted Cruz, who he campaigned with. Youngkin tweeted on May 5, I couldn’t be happier to welcome Senator @tedcruz to my #WinWithGlenn event at Community Church early this afternoon!” and thenNothing beats having my good friend, Sen. @tedcruz with me on the trail as we try to take Virginia back.
  • On May 6, the far-right Newt Gingrich tweeted, admiringly: “Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin: We won’t teach critical race theory in our schools, we will teach accelerated math.
  • Right after the convention, Youngkin said he was “honored” to have been endorsed by Donald Trump, adding that  “Trump represents so much of why I’m running” and refusing to separate himself from Trump in any way (“8News asked Youngkin twice if he would separate himself from President Trump in any areas. He didn’t provide any examples. While he denounced the attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, he didn’t directly blame Trump for inciting the violence.“)
  •  On May 18, after he won the VA GOP’s gubernatorial nomination and the supposed “nuanced turn toward the political center” (hahahaha!), Youngkin appeared on Sean Spicer’s show on the far-right “Newsmax.” ‘Nuff said.

In sum, as you can see from all the information listed above, Youngkin is FAR from a “blank canvas,” as falsely claimed in that laughable WaPo op-ed, nor is he in any way/shape/form in the “political center.” The question, again, is why the Washington Post publishes nonsense like this, when a few minutes of paying attention and/or looking up Youngkin’s positions on the issues completely refutes this abysmally lame op-ed.



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