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Video: Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Endorses Glenn Youngkin, Who Has Now Definitively Shown Who He Is and What He’s All About

Here's a reminder of who Corey Stewart is and what he believes...and it is NOT pretty!


For anyone who was thinking, for whatever reason(s), that Glenn Youngkin might be a bit more “moderate” Republican compared to extremists like Amanda Chase, well…forget about that. Currently, Youngkin is campaigning around Virginia with one of the most extreme, odious politicians in America – Ted Cruz. And now, as if that wasn’t enough to show that Youngkin is a far-right wingnut, now he’s been endorsed by none other than neo-Confederate Corey Stewart. See below for video of neo-Confederate Corey’s endorsement of Glenn Youngkin, who he claims will “stand up to the ‘woke culture'” and can win the election in November.

P.S. For a quick reminder who Corey Stewart is and what he stands for, see: Video: Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Vows To Run “Brutal,” “Ruthless” Campaign Against “Shorty Pants” “Lunatic” Tim Kaine; Video: 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate Candidate, Anti-Immigrant Extremist Corey Stewart, Calls for Arrest of Fairfax County Sheriff for Supposedly Not Cooperating with ICE; In Disastrous Hill.TV Interview, Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Goes Wildly Revisionist on the Main Cause of the Civil War (Hint: It Was SLAVERY!); Video Shows Corey Stewart “endorses anti-Semite Paul Nehlen MONTHS after Nehlen began sharing content from white nationalists”; Video: Amid Chants of “Build the Wall!”, Corey the Neo-Confederate Clown Leads Pro-Trump Protest at “Red Hen” Restaurant; Video: Corey Stewart Rants Against Virginia’s Repeal of the Death Penalty, Says We Need “An Eye For an Eye” as Stated in the Old Testament; Cult-of-Trump, Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart on Women’s Soccer Team: “If they’re not proud of our country, should we be proud of them?”; etc.


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