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Video: Corey Stewart Rants Against Virginia’s Repeal of the Death Penalty, Says We Need “An Eye For an Eye” as Stated in the Old Testament

Stewart also falsely claims Gov. Northam went to "law school" and supposedly likes to "lecture Virginians on how racist everybody is"


See below for video of 2018 Virginia GOP U.S. Senate nominee Corey Stewart’s unhinged – but VERY much in character! – reaction to Gov. Northam yesterday signing into law Virginia repeal of the death penalty. This reaction really epitomizes where the Trump GOP(Q) is at these days (unhinged, white supremacist, etc.):

1) Stewart says Northam wore blackface in “law school” (WTF? he’s a DOCTOR and went to MED SCHOOL, not law school; also, what relevance does this have to repeal of the death penalty?);

2) Stewart is very angry that Northam wants to get rid of Confederate statues and supposedly likes to “lecture Virginians on how racist everybody is” (note: Corey Stewart is most certainly a racist/white supremacist, as are far too many in Corey Stewart’s/Donald Trump’s party);

3) Stewart rants that Northam supposedly “got on WMAL here in the Washington, DC area and said that when he was a physician, a pediatrician no less…when babies were born and the mothers didn’t want them, he would let the babies die.” This is a flat-out lie, of course, starting with it being WTOP, not WMAL, and also not at all what Northam said. See this fact check, which also points out that “Other fact-checkers have debunked this misrepresentation of Northam’s comment: herehere and  here. ”

4) Stewart engages in amateur exegesis/theology, arguing that regarding the death penalty, we need “an eye for an eye,” as stated in the Old Testament. Stewart then attempts to reconcile the Old and New Testaments, as follows: “When they quote Jesus in the in the New Testament and the Gospels and they  say, well, Jesus says that you need to turn the other cheek, in other words forgive those who to trespass against you, but who was Jesus talking to? He says…he didn’t undo a mustard seed of the Old Testament, not one change, nothing, so how do you make those things work together? How is it possible that you you can believe in the death penalty and and the law in the Old Testament is that the death penalty definitely is there, but yet we’re supposed to forgive those who trespass against us, forgive those who sin against us? And the answer is pretty simple, honestly: in the Old Testament, God is laying out the law, he’s laying out the system of justice that we’re supposed to live by, and that is essentially at that time at least, it was…the government, it was it was the the system of justice that was to be implemented and still is today. And then we have the death penalty, we have the federal death penalty, and…if you commit a crime, you got to pay the consequences; that’s the law. Now if somebody commits a crime against you, you should as a good Christian forgive them, but you should also expect that the government is going to administer justice and punish that person for the crime that they committed against you. In other words, it’s not up to you to enforce the law against  somebody who commits a crime against you, it’s up to the government to do that. So when Jesus was speaking, he said you as an individual should forgive. If I walk down my street tonight and somebody mugs me, I can forgive them as a Christian, but I’m still going to expect that the police the law enforcement and the justice system will capture the perpetrator and punish them appropriately.”

Got that? Just remember, this guy was the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors for years, the 2018 Virginia GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, etc. Anything else you need to know about the Virginia GOP?


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