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Video: Senator McClellan, Speaker Filler-Corn, Democratic Leaders Highlight The Health Care Stakes Of Virginia’s 2021 Election


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

ICYMI: Senator McClellan, Speaker Filler-Corn, Democratic Leaders Highlight The Health Care Stakes Of Virginia’s 2021 Election 

Richmond, VA — Today, DPVA held a virtual press conference to discuss what is at stake for Virginians’ health care in this year’s elections. Democrats have made significant progress in the fight to protect and expand health care in Virginia — but with Glenn Youngkin leading the Republican ticket, Virginians’ health care is on the ballot. Youngkin is running on a hardline agenda of opposing Medicaid expansion, attacking the Affordable Care Act, and threatening to gut reproductive rights in Virginia.

Democratic leaders discussed the upcoming fight to protect health care in the face of Youngkin’s extreme Republican policies. See below for key excerpts and watch the full conversation here.

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker

“Thanks to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, millions of Americans have more generous subsidies to buy insurance, cutting the uninsured population even more.”

“But Glenn Youngkin is opposed to this progress. Amidst the worst public health crisis in any of our lives, Youngkin said these measures in the American Rescue Plan were unnecessary. He described Medicaid expansion – which has given over half a million Virginians affordable insurance – as a sad thing…And he has attacked the Affordable Care Act.”

“Glenn Youngkin should look every Virginian who got insured under Medicaid expansion in the eye and explain why he thinks they don’t deserve health care”

Senator Jennifer McClellan

“After taking back the General Assembly, Democrats delivered on several key promises to continue expanding affordable health care. We capped the price of insulin copays at $50/month — one of the lowest rates in the country…In the Senate I worked leading the charge with Mark Sickles in the House to pass the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange…and this will help us expand enrollment to even more Virginians.”

“We know that a governor Terry McAuliffe with a Democratic controlled General Assembly will continue expanding access to health care so that no Virginian will be one illness or accident away from economic devastation, and they know they can get quality care when and where they need it.”

“But let’s be clear, Republicans fought us at every turn and will roll back the progress that we have made. There’s too much at stake in this election, which is why we are all in for Terry McAuliffe to be elected this November.”

Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn

“All this [Democratic-led] progress is at stake in this election. If Glenn Youngkin and the House Republicans had it their way, they would repeal all of those critical measures. They would roll back Medicaid expansion, cut off the progress that we have made on paid sick leave, and undermine and sabotage the Affordable Care Act.”

“Virginians cannot afford a Youngkin Administration working in tandem with a Republican House and that is why Democrats all across the Commonwealth are fired up about this election. They’re fired up and ready to fight to ensure and keep Virginians healthy and make sure that our Commonwealth is on a road to recovery.”

Dr. Wendy Klein

“Medicaid expansion and our progress in health care access is thanks to the Democratic leadership in Virginia. But our work is far from over, with over 700,000 Virginians still uninsured. Youngkin and the Republicans will continue to do all they can to undermine these efforts, preferring the inequitable system already in place, which leaves so many Virginians vulnerable.

“We need a governor committed to making sure that more Virginians get covered and that everyone can afford the care they need. That Governor is Terry McAuliffe, and the plan he released this week is a roadmap for improving Virginia’s health care system.”

“It’s the mandate of Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia Democratic Party to make health care accessible, and it is rooted in the affirmation of the ACA […] Glenn Youngkin doesn’t even mention healthcare on his website. It’s Terry McAuliffe who has an actual plan.”

“We are at a transformational moment in promoting and protecting the health of Virginia. We need a governor who can move us forward, who understands the needs of the Commonwealth, not someone like Youngkin who has no legislative experience and wants to take Virginia backwards.”


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