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Video: Speakers at Fairfax County “Support Our Schools” Rally Stress Need to Support School Board and Its Members Against Attacks From “Open FCPS,” etc.

Also, check out the bizarre comments by Del. Glenn Davis (R-HD84), and the reaction to them...


See below for last night’s Fairfax County “Support Our Schools” rally, which was attended by over 100 people, according to Fairfax County Democratic Committee Executive Director Jack Kiraly. As the first student speaker, Saehee Perez, stated:

  • “I’m speaking here today to talk about the need to support our School Board, in order to have the inclusion and equity that is necessary in our schools, which has been slowed down by groups like ‘Open FCPS’…an extremely well-funded PAC that [?] $40,000 from a Republican advocacy group last week…They’ve been advocating for in-person schooling ever since the pandemic started, going so far as to say that the School Board has been succumbing to unions and putting their kids last. The School Board did not succumb to unions over kids; they understood the science of COVID-19 and listened to the guidelines. Sure, more adults are at high-risk than kids, but these adults are included as educators and we have to protect them too…Our School Board and its members have been relentlessly attacked by groups such as Open FCPS…not only for their identity, but for their actions in trying to make FCPS more inclusive.” She also cited the need to support the School Board against “bigots breathing down their necks, sending threats and getting in the way of progress.”

For his part, Del. Marcus Simon stated:

  • “We know who is an ally of this movement…I’m not saying everybody who supports ‘Open FCPS’ is a member of the KKK, but when the KKK is on your side, you need to rethink your priorities.”

There’s a lot more from students (e.g., Matt Savage…several others whose names I didn’t catch) and adults (e.g., Robert Norris Rigby, Willow Woycke, Kimberly Adams) – check it out here.

Also, check out some of the reaction, including by Del. Glenn Davis (R-HD84), who *really* needs to be defeated this November for a whole host of reasons…






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