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Del. Elizabeth Guzman Calls VA GOP’s “Tracker” Tactics “inappropriate and dangerous and they need to stop”; Calls On Republican Opponent to “join me in disavowing the use of aggressive trackers like this”


Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D-HD31) is exactly right about this:

“Republicans hired a young man to wait outside a volunteer event and follow me to my car for this video, and it’s not the first time. These ‘trackers’ are known to crash meet & greets inside supporters’ private homes and shove cameras into candidates’ faces at parades/ debates/etc to elicit a response to use in attack ads. I’m thrilled to talk about policy issues with anyone, but these kinds of tactics are inappropriate and dangerous and they need to stop. I’m calling on my opponent @BenBaldwinVA to join me in disavowing the use of aggressive trackers like this and commit to bringing some civility back to politics. Homes and families should ALWAYS be safe from dirty political tricks! (And I hope that staffer was making at least $15/hr!) Join our team if you agree VA is better than this!”

Also note that the entire premise of the tracker’s “question” to Del. Guzman is false – there is absolutely no “radical push to politicize education” by “the left” in Virginia. It’s also 100% not accurate that Gov. Northam ever claimed that teachers who aren’t teaching “Critical Race Theory” are “inadequate.” In fact, what Northam said in a recent interview with the NY Times is that: a) “Critical race theory is a dog whistle that the Republicans are using to frighten people”; and b) “what we’re teaching, and what we’ve been taught, is not only inadequate but inaccurate. Our textbooks are inadequate and inaccurate, as is who’s teaching them.” That’s accurate, and also VERY different than what Virginia Republicans are claiming Northam said…


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