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Extremist VA Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33) Shared Content from 9/11 “Truther” Who Wrote Book on “12-foot-tall alien lizard people, many of whom just happen to be posing as Jews”

LaRock also falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines are made from "potentially harmful chemicals and tissue derived from unborn babies"


We’ve previously chronicled the bizarre comments and actions by far-right, extremist Virginia Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33), including:

  • FWIW Virginia: Far-Right Republican Del. Dave LaRock Pushes Dangerous and Irresponsible Vaccine Misinformation: LaRock “is no stranger to controversy – he, along with two other GOP Delegates, participated in the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in DC and was stripped of his committee assignment after using the term ‘colored community.’ Now, LaRock is stirring up new controversy by running Facebook ads encouraging college students to forgo vaccinations when returning to campus, instead trying to claim a medical or religious exemption rather than receive a vaccine that protects them and their community…LaRock’s ads link back to his website, which is chock full of vaccine misinformation…LaRock, oddly enough, refuses to even acknowledge that the highly effective mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines are even vaccines at all, claiming that they’re just ‘a chemical mixture’ (For the record, the vaccines are completely safe, and here’s a MIT article breaking down what’s in the Pfizer vaccine)…The craziness doesn’t end there, with LaRock claiming that ‘high-risk time’ for transmission has passed, ignoring the new Delta variant that is more contagious + possibly more deadly than previous variants, as well as the fact that the decline in COVID-19 cases in the DMV and across the United States has coincided with the mass rollout of vaccines. His website also questions the safety of the vaccines, claiming that they are ‘experimental’ despite all three vaccines approved in the U.S. being authorized by the FDA after being ‘thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective in preventing severe COVID-19.’”
  • On July 4, Loudoun County Chair Phyllis Randall told this anecdote: “Yesterday at the Pville parade I saw @LaRock4Delegate looking as if he was lost. Trying to be a decent person I said, ‘Mr. LaRock can I help you find something.’ He responded, ‘I’m going to go change my clothes, would you like to help with that.’ ewww”

It goes on and on and on, raising the question as to why literally anyone would even consider voting for this guy. Unfortunately, HD33 is a pretty strongly Republican-leaning district – having gone for Ed Gillespie over Ralph Northam by 9 points in 2017 and for Donald Trump over Joe Biden by about 7 points in 2020 – and Republicans these days appear willing to vote for just about *anybody* with an “R” by their name. So…it’s not going to be easy, even for a potentially strong Democratic candidate like Paul Siker. We’ll see…

Anyway, a couple more Dave LaRock items were brought to my attention today, and I thought they were worth sharing. First, check out the following, in which LaRock falsely claims that “if you get the shots you are effectively entering the first round of testing” (in fact, there’s been a LOT of testing, with the vaccines not being approved by health authorities around the world until that testing was completed). LaRock also absurdly writes that he “applaud[ed]” those who are “less trusting” of the vaccines for supposedly “being critical thinkers and not being bullied by this massive PR campaign.” Also note that LaRock’s stat about people dying after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine has been debunked: “As Lead Stories has previously reported, it is statistically inevitable that some people will get sick and die after getting the shot, but for reasons unrelated to their response to the vaccine. As of May 5, 2021, CDC medical experts had not yet documented a single fatality caused by COVID-19 vaccines among the 107 million Americans who are fully vaccinated.” LaRock, of course, ignores all that, and instead spews out dangerous disinformation about these life-saving vaccines.

  • Last September, LaRock shared a speech from 9/11 “truther” and Holocaust denier David Icke (note: Vox reported  – “Icke maintains that he is not an anti-Semite, and that he is criticizing not real Jews, but 12-foot-tall alien lizard people, many of whom just happen to be posing as Jews.”). That’s the guy whose speech LaRock enthusiastically shared on his Facebook page. Yikes. Oh yeah, Icke also wrote a book, “Children of the Matrix,” which “goes deeper than any other into the Reptilian Manipulation of Human life.” And, of course, this same guy is vehemently against COVID-19 lockdowns…as is Dave LaRock.
  • Also last September, LaRock was quoted in LoudounNOW: “The delegate also raised concerns about ongoing efforts to fast-track a vaccine, which he characterized as a ‘largely experimental, hastily-formulated vaccine/mixture of potentially harmful chemicals and tissue derived from unborn babies.’ ‘It is mind-boggling to be rejecting HCQ, which easily could bring the end of this health crisis.’” Needless to say, this is all…let’s just say, not something any serious health expert would agree with.

The bottom line question is whether even a “red” district like HD33 is getting tired of the idiocy, ignorance, sedition, etc. from its delegate in Richmond. I mean, it’s not like the guy’s effective or anything, as he actually had a ZERO PERCENT “legislative batting average” in 2021 and also in 2020, when he patroned a whopping 41 bills but passed ZERO.  C’mon HD33, you can do a lot better than ZERO, right? LOL


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