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VA Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn Announces Record-Breaking 2Q21 Fundraising; Reports Over $2,140,000 Cash on Hand!


Wow, these are extremely impressive fundraising numbers by Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn! Clearly, Speaker Filler-Corn is focused and determined to keep Democrats in charge of the Virginia House of Delegates, and to avoid the nightmare/unacceptable scenario of the extreme Virginia House Republicans (just imagine Speaker Todd Gilbert – gack!) taking over. In that context, it should go without saying that we need to do everything we can to help the House Democrats keep the progress we’ve made the past two years going in Virginia for many more years to come!

Speaker reports over $2,140,000 cash on hand
RICHMOND, VA — Virginia Speaker of the House Eileen Filler-Corn today reported raising an additional $670,000, bringing the second quarter fundraising total to nearly $950,000, a historic number that surpasses that of any speaker before her at this point in an election year. This brings the speaker’s overall 2021 fundraising to more than $1,534,000, with over $2,140,000 cash on hand, and continues her record-breaking streak from last quarter in the midst of a pivotal election cycle.

Speaker Filler-Corn is working to maintain and expand the Democratic majority, contributing $870,000 in support of Democratic campaigns for the House of Delegates so far this year. This is in addition to the strong financial showing by the House Democratic Caucus as well as Democratic House members and candidates throughout Virginia.

“The Democratic majority led by Speaker Filler-Corn has delivered on the agenda they campaigned on two years ago,” said Tyler Javonillo, a campaign spokesman for Speaker Filler-Corn. “The momentum continues to be on our side, and we’re heading into the fall with full steam ahead. Voters are clearly energized to re-elect a Democratic majority and work with them to build a better Virginia.”
On Tuesday, CNBC announced that Virginia earned back-to-back titles in its ranking as top state for business, a testament to the Democratic Majority’s efforts to support small businesses while creating an open, welcoming environment for workers.
This past session, the General Assembly passed pivotal legislation increasing access to quality, affordable to health care; expanding school funding and teacher pay; making Virginia a national leader in ballot access; implementing common-sense gun violence prevention; reforming our criminal justice system; and protecting workers’ rights, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights, among many other significant accomplishments.

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