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Video: In Cringe-Inducingly Bad Speech at Extremist CPAC Conference, Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) Claims Virginia Was One of “Original States Fighting the Original Cancel Culture” Against Thomas Jefferson, etc.

Cline adds: "Texas stood up and delivered its votes for our great president Donald J. Trump...[in Virginia] we say yes to Glenn Youngkin" 


It’s so embarrassing that enough people voted for Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) to actually elect this clown. I mean, you’d think this shit was parody of some sort, but nope; as 2018 VA06 Democratic nominee Jennifer Lewis puts it about Cline’s cringe-inducing speech (see video, below) at the extremist CPAC conference the other day:

Wow. I don’t know where to start. This is 6 minutes of Congressman Ben Cline bombing at CPAC, “be afraid of the squad”. This guy is the literal worst. I can’t believe he’s my representative. He’s up for re-election Nov 2022. I intend to run against him.

Of course, Cline is the same guy who got an “F/Very Poor” rating on the “GOP Democracy Report Card,” due to his support for the Texas Amicus Brief (“126 Republican lawmakers signed an amicus brief in support of this lawsuit that attempted to disenfranchise millions of law-abiding voters”); “Electoral College Objections”; “Public Statements About the Election” (“Casting doubt on the validity of this election, on an election that Trump’s own Attorney General recognized was free of widespread voting fraud, constitutes an attack on a cornerstone of our democracy: free and fair elections”); and “Voting to Impeach or Convict Trump” (the vast majority of Republicans did not do so). Also see Audio: On Trumpster Radio This Morning, Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) Demonstrates Yet Again Why He’s Utterly Unfit to Serve in Congress (Among other things, accuses Reps. Luria and Spanberger of “abrogation of duty” for supporting impeachment), etc.

With that, see below for video of Cline’s laughable speech, as well as a few excerpts, just to show how bad it was.

  • “I’m proud to represent the sixth district in the Commonwealth of Virginia…one of the original states fighting the original cancel culture – the efforts to silence those leaders like Thomas Jefferson.” What. The. F***???
  • “We have some modern champions against cancel culture like Matt and Mercedes Schlapp.” Cline’s comparing these extremist nutjobs to the Founding Fathers?
  • “Texas stood up for last year for freedom, Texas stood up and delivered its votes for our great president Donald J. Trump…[in Virginia] we say yes to Glenn Youngkin.”
  • According to Cline, “The Squad” supposedly is trying to “cancel family…cancel faith…even trying to cancel the American flag.” LOL

In short, mindless, Fox “News”-style drivel from insurrectionist Ben Cline, who to put it mildly should NOT be in Congress, or in any other elective office. In short, Cline’s political career really does need to be “canceled,” for the good of VA06 and for the good of the country.


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