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Audio: Glenn Youngkin Says He’d Emulate FL Gov. Ron DeSantis and Ban Mask Mandates in Virginia; Also Spews Out Conspiracy Theory and Rants About “Critical Race Theory”

Youngkin falsely claims that Gov. Northam is "trying to open up avenues for schools not to be open"


This morning, VA GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin – the same guy who refused to debate Terry McAuliffe at the traditional Virginia Bar Association debate, apparently because he was afraid that moderator Judy Woodruff would ask him questions he didn’t want to answer and/or knew he couldn’t answer – went on one of his “safe spaces” (right-wing/Trumpster talk radio – “The John Fredericks Show”). In this environment, apparently Youngkin feels free to say all the things he felt he couldn’t say to a broader/mainstream audience, such as the Virginia Bar Association. And the result was…craziness, of course. Check it out:

In short: 1) if Youngkin’s lips are moving, you know he’s lying; 2) he’s a right wingnut through and through, seems to really believe that Ron DeSantis is a model governor, that “Critical Race Theory” is taking over the schools, that Governor Northam really has a secret agenda to keep schools closed, that protecting kids against a deadly pandemic should be “up to individuals,” blah blah blah. On November 2nd, let’s just all make damn sure we send this super-rich ($350 million? more?), out-of-touch conspiracy theorist back to ripping off taxpayers to subsidize his horse farm, and most definitely NOT elect him governor of Virginia!


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