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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC Announces House Candidate Endorsements for the 2021 General Election

"We have far too much to lose at this moment in time, and we need reproductive freedom champions fighting for us"


From NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC:

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC Announces House Candidate Endorsements for the 2021 General Election

Endorsements highlight commitment to holding and strengthening a pro-choice majority in the Virginia House of Delegates

Alexandria, VA – Today, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC, the political action arm of the Commonwealth’s only reproductive rights and advocacy organization, announced its complete list of endorsements for the 2021 Virginia House of Delegates general election. See the full list of endorsed candidates below.


  • District 2 Delegate Candi King
  • District 10 Delegate Wendy Gooditis
  • District 11 Delegate Sam Rasoul
  • District 12 Delegate Chris Hurst
  • District 21 Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler
  • District 25 Jennifer Kitchen
  • District 27 Debra Gardner
  • District 28 Delegate Joshua Cole
  • District 30 Annette Hyde
  • District 31 Delegate Elizabeth Guzman
  • District 32 Delegate David Reid
  • District 34 Delegate Kathleen Murphy
  • District 35 Delegate Mark Keam
  • District 36 Delegate Ken Plum
  • District 38 Delegate Kaye Kory
  • District 39 Delegate Vivian Watts
  • District 40 Delegate Dan Helmer
  • District 41 Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn
  • District 42 Delegate Kathy Tran
  • District 43 Delegate Mark Sickles
  • District 44 Delegate Paul Krizek
  • District 45 Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
  • District 46 Majority Leader Charniele Herring
  • District 48 Delegate Rip Sullivan
  • District 47 Delegate Patrick Hope
  • District 49 Delegate Alfonso Lopez
  • District 50 Michelle Maldonado
  • District 51 Briana Sewell
  • District 52 Delegate Luke Torian
  • District 53 Delegate Marcus Simon
  • District 55 Rachel Levy
  • District 57 Delegate Sally Hudson
  • District 58 Sara Ratcliffe
  • District 59 Ben Moses
  • District 62 Jasmine Gore
  • District 63 Delegate Lashresce Aird
  • District 66 Katie Sponsler
  • District 67 Delegate Karrie Delaney
  • District 69 Delegate Betsy Carr
  • District 70 Delegate Delores McQuinn
  • District 71 Delegate Jeff Bourne
  • District 72 Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg
  • District 73 Delegate Rodney Willett
  • District 76 Delegate Clint Jenkins
  • District 79 Nadarius Clark
  • District 80 Delegate Don Scott
  • District 81 Jeffery Feld
  • District 82 Scott Flax
  • District 83 Delegate Nancy Guy
  • District 85 Delegate Alex Askew
  • District 86 Irene Shin
  • District 87 Delegate Suhas Subramanyam
  • District 89 Delegate Jay Jones
  • District 90 Delegate Angelia Williams Graves
  • District 91 Delegate Martha Mugler
  • District 92 Delegate Jeion Ward
  • District 93 Delegate Mike Mullin
  • District 94 Delegate Shelly Simonds
  • District 96 Mark Downey
  • District 98 Ella Webster
  • District 100 Finale Norton

“The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade this fall and will likely gut or outright overturn the landmark decision that made abortion legal in this country. That’s why electing pro-choice candidates on November 2nd is so critical to the future of reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth. Receiving an endorsement from NARAL Virginia is not only an acknowledgment of a candidate’s support for reproductive health and rights, it is an indication that a candidate will stop at nothing to ensure that Virginians can count on them to fiercely protect and expand our access to the full range of reproductive healthcare including abortion. We have far too much to lose at this moment in time, and we need reproductive freedom champions fighting for us and will ensure the Commonwealth is a safe haven for abortion access should Roe fall next year,” stated Executive Director Tarina Keene.

“Each of these candidates earned our support, and our team looks forward to working and winning with them when they take office in 2022. There is so much work to be done. Losing our pro-choice majority would leave Virginians vulnerable to attacks from anti-abortion extremists who will stop at nothing to ban abortion and strip people who can become pregnant of their bodily autonomy. We won’t stop until we can ensure that every Virginian has access to the reproductive healthcare they want and need when they need it.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia also extends a Statement of Support to the following reproductive freedom champions:

  • District 7 Derek Kitts
  • District 9 Bridgette Craighead
  • District 16 Chance Trevillian
  • District 18 Douglas Ward
  • District 24 Sam Soghor
  • District 56 Blakely Lockhart
  • District 61 Trudy Berry
  • District 65 Caitlin Coakley
  • District 78 Melanie Corelneisse
  • District 99 Linwood Blizzard

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia supports candidates who pledge to protect and advance each and every Virginians’ right to abortion and access to the full range of reproductive healthcare. The organization’s powerful network of activists will mobilize and ensure these candidates are elected and keep the pro-reproductive freedom majority in Virginia this fall.


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