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Prominent Virginia Republicans Endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Citing Terry’s Leadership on Vaccines & COVID Recovery


From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

Prominent Virginia Republicans Endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Citing Terry’s Leadership on Vaccines & COVID Recovery

Bill Kristol Says Glenn Youngkin is “Unwilling to Take on Most Extreme Wing of His Own Party on Vaccinations,” Urges Virginia Republicans to Vote for Terry

MCLEAN, VA – Republicans from across Virginia today endorsed Terry McAuliffe for governor, citing Terry’s clear leadership on COVID-19 recovery and vaccination efforts and his plans to build a stronger Virginia economy. Terry McAuliffe has proven he is a leader when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination efforts and recovery: he is requiring his campaign staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and has called on all Virginia employers, including health care systems and school divisions, to require full vaccination of their employees in order to keep Virginia’s economy open and strong. Terry has also called on colleges and universities across Virginia to require students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Led by former Delegate David Ramadan (Loudoun County), these prominent Virginia Republicans are supporting Terry McAuliffe because they know that he has the experience, leadership, and vision to move Virginia forward, in contrast with Glenn Youngkin’s Trumpian agenda that will take Virginia backwards.

“We’ve lived in Virginia for 35 years. Most of our kids and grandkids live here. We need a governor who takes public health seriously and keeps our economy strong. I’m confident Terry McAuliffe will do both. I have no such confidence in the Republican nominee. Mr. Youngkin seems unwilling to take on the most extreme wing of his own party on vaccinations, and he’s embraced reckless fiscal policies that have failed elsewhere. I hope Virginia Republicans join me in supporting an experienced leader, Terry McAuliffe, for governor,” said Bill Kristol, former Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, who served in President Ronald Reagan’s and President George H. W. Bush Administrations (Fairfax County).

In contrast with Terry McAuliffe’s clear leadership on COVID-19 recovery and vaccination efforts, Glenn Youngkin has failed to show the leadership required of Virginia’s next governor. Youngkin’s approach to COVID-19 recovery would have disastrous impacts on Virginia’s economy and recovery and very likely drive the Commonwealth into a “ditch.” He opposes vaccine mandates for state employees, health care workers, and educators, calling mandates for state employees “not right,” and he has even “encouraged” Virginians to fill out exception forms to not get vaccinated. Youngkin has repeatedly said he would model his governorship after fellow Trump acolyte and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose actions on COVID-19 have led to skyrocketing case numbers, overflowing hospitals and ICUs, school closures and thousands of students quarantined.

“I’ve known Terry McAuliffe for years, and I had the honor of working with him during his first term on bipartisan issues including jobs, military families, and education. As co-founder and co-chairman of the Business Development Caucus in the Virginia General Assembly, I worked closely with Terry to advance a pro-jobs economy. Terry is a committed public servant who always puts what is right for Virginia and our economy first, and he’s shown that again with his leadership on COVID-19 and vaccines. Virginians need someone with the experience, leadership, and fortitude to govern on day one and work in a bipartisan manner to get things done, not someone who will bring Donald Trump’s brand of divisiveness, chaos, confusion, and failed leadership to the Commonwealth. That’s why I am supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor. Glenn Youngkin’s dangerous approach to COVID-19 and vaccines will harm our economy and drag Virginia back,” said former Delegate David Ramadan (Loudoun County).

​​“With so much at stake for Virginia this year, it’s more important than ever that our next governor be focused on the right priorities: getting COVID-19 under control, creating good jobs, investing in Virginia students, and keeping Virginia a great place to work, live, and raise a family. I have worked with or served with 10 governors, and without a doubt Terry McAuliffe is the greatest economic development governor in the history of Virginia. Without Governor McAuliffe, Amazon would not be located in Virginia, and a multitude of other great companies would not have relocated to Virginia. Also, he was the driving force to help us create the Emil & Grace Shihadeh Innovation Center in Winchester, which will be the model for Career and Technical Education facilities across the Commonwealth. There is no comparison when it comes to leadership, vision, work ethic, integrity, and his innate ability to move Virginia forward. He will provide bold and visionary leadership, and I am proud to give him my full endorsement and my vote,” said former State Senator Russell Potts (Winchester City).

“As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry McAuliffe made sure law enforcement and first responders had the resources they needed to do their jobs and keep our communities safe. And today, we can’t talk about safety without addressing the deadly threat of COVID-19 to our communities and our economy. Terry McAuliffe is the candidate who is taking this issue seriously and putting what is right for Virginia, our people, and our future first. Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin has bragged he would model his governorship off of failed Trumpian leaders who are letting this virus ravage their states and their communities. I know Terry will always put Virginians first because that’s the kind of leader he is, and that’s why I’m with him,” said Buddy Maxey, former Sheriff of Campbell County.

“I am running for governor to build a stronger Virginia economy where everyone can thrive, and first and foremost that means beating this virus so we can keep our economy strong, our schools open, and our Commonwealth on track. I am proud to be building an unmatched, broad coalition of leaders who share my vision to move Virginia forward. COVID has given Virginia unprecedented challenges, but by working together and showing real leadership, I know we can get big things done — creating good-paying jobs, investing in infrastructure, and giving every child a world-class education. We did it before, and we’ll do it again,” said Terry McAuliffe.

As governor, Terry will work across the aisle to uplift all Virginians, invest in Virginia’s businesses, and strengthen the economy – just as he did before. As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry worked in a bipartisan way to create 200,000 good paying jobs, reduce unemployment in every city and county, and raise personal income by 14%. He oversaw billions of dollars of investment in Virginia’s transportation infrastructure, improved some of the most congested roadways in the Commonwealth, and secured a record $1 billion investment in education. In his campaign this year, Terry has released 18 detailed policy plans outlining his vision to build a stronger Virginia, including creating good-paying jobs, making health care more affordable, investing in workforce development and training, and giving every Virginia child a world-class education.

The List of Republicans For Terry Endorsers Includes:

  • Bill Kristol, former Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, served in President Ronald Reagan’s and George H. W. Bush’s Administrations (Fairfax County)
  • David Ramadan, former Delegate (2012-2016), Loudoun County
  • Russ Potts, former State Senator (1992-2008), Winchester City
  • Marty Williams, former State Senator (1996-2008), Richmond City
  • Jim Dillard, former Delegate (1972-1978, 1980-2005), Fairfax County
  • Clint Miller, former Delegate (1972-1996), Rockingham County
  • Katherine Waddell, former Delegate (2006-2008), Richmond City
  • Dwight Schar, former Finance Chairman for the Republican National Committee
  • Buddy Maxey, former Sheriff of Campbell County
  • Matt Walton, former Republican Delegate Candidate, Henrico County
  • Judy Ford Wason, Leader of “Virginians for Bob McDonnell” (2009), served in the President Reagan’s Administration and advisor to Senator John Warner, Williamsburg City
  • Sophia Nelson, former Republican Counsel for the U.S. House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Loudoun County
  • Rina Shah, former Republican aide to Republican Congressman Scott Garrett and Jeff Miller, Reston
  • D.J. McGuire, former Republican Board of Supervisors candidate in Spotsylvania, Suffolk City
  • Michael Anderson, Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Don Young, Stafford County
  • René Anderson, Air Force Veteran, 2016 Trump Voter, Stafford County
  • Mark Coombs, former Alexandria Republican Party Vice Chair, Alexandria City

Since launching his campaign last December, Terry has released 18 detailed plans to strengthen Virginia’s education system and dramatically increase teacher pay, help secure Virginia’s economic recovery from COVID-19, ensure Virginians have access to regular nutritious meals, address the broken, predatory system of prescription drug pricingconfront the gun violence epidemic, make Virginia the best state in the nation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Health Care (STEM-H) and computer science education, tackle the housing crisis in the Commonwealth and invest in Virginia’s workforce in the post-COVID economy, ensure Virginians have access to high-quality, affordable health care, tackle climate change and secure Virginia’s clean energy future by 2035, lift up Black Virginians as the Commonwealth rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic, further advance LGBTQ+ rights, reform Virginia’s criminal justice systemcreate a flourishing rural economy, support entrepreneurial ecosystems and tackle rising costs and meet the health care needs, make higher education more affordable and boost Virginia’s agriculture and forestry industries.


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