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Video: In Wake of TX’s Abortion Ruling, AG Mark Herring Holds Press Conference on Defending Abortion Rights

"Virginia legislators and Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings praised Herring’s pro-choice record -- which a majority of Virginians agree with."


From Mark Herring for AG campaign:


VA Elected Officials, Delaware AG Kathy Jennings Praise Herring’s Pro-Choice Record, and Criticize His Republican Opponents Dangerous Anti-Abortion Voting Record

RICHMOND — Today, Attorney General Mark Herring and allies held a press conference highlighting his pro-choice record as Virginia’s Attorney General — even as Herring’s out-of-touch opponent, Jason Miyares, continues to hide his record and views on abortion from Virginians.

Herring’s opponent, Republican nominee Jason Miayes, voted against the Reproductive Health Protection Act, voted to defund Planned Parenthood, voted against state funding for abortion services, and other anti-abortion measures. He has tried to hide his position, including refusing to immediately comment on Texas’s draconian S.B. 8 law.

Herring, Virginia legislators and Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings praised Herring’s pro-choice record — which a majority of Virginians agree with.

Herring has a proud pro-choice record. He and Delaware Attorney General Jennings, signed onto a challenge against Texas’ and South Carolina’s unconstitutional six-week abortion ban as well as filied an amicus brief with SCOTUS against Mississippi’s efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.

During the Democratic ticket’s recent press conference, where former Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Delegate Hala Ayala and the Attorney General all pledged to fight for women’s reproductive rights, Attorney General Herring also called out his opponent for his anti-abortion votes and affiliations.

“I am committed to fighting tooth and nail against any unconstitutional law that infringes on a woman’s right to choose. I will not let any of the Republicans on the ballot force Virginia women to stay pregnant or strip them of their right to make decisions about their reproductive system. My opponent, Jason Miyares, wants to hide his radical positions from voters, but his votes paint a clear picture of what his dangerous plans are for women’s rights. We cannot let Jason Miyares get elected in November. Like the women of our Commonwealth, I will not stand idly by and watch women’s rights be shredded by the Texas legislature or Jason Miyares,” said Attorney General Mark Herring.

“This Republican ticket has made it clear that, given the opportunity, they will restrict reproductive health care, which will disproportionately target Black and Brown Virginians,” said Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor. “My opponent went on television and declared that she would bring Texas’s vigilante abortion ban to our Commonwealth, where 79% of Virginians support the right to choose. In a state Senate that’s tied 20-20 when it comes to choice, her declaration needs to be taken as more than just another one of her extreme right-wing talking points. Attorney General Herring and I will always vote to protect your right to make decisions about your body. Unfortunately our opponents simply can’t say the same.”

“Healthcare is on the ballot this November and I’ve been proud to stand alongside Mark Herring in the fight for reproductive health and women’s rights. Virginia has a stalwart champion for choice and for women’s rights in Mark Herring. I’ve seen it firsthand. We need him more than ever, because the stakes have never been higher: settled constitutional law is under attack across America, and Mark’s extremist Republican opponent has made clear that he opposes even the most basic reproductive rights. We need leaders who will fight for our rights, for our neighbors, and for our democracy – and Virginia has that fighter in Mark Herring,” said Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

“I served with Jason Miyares, I was in his freshman class when I was in the House of Delegates, and I watched him time and time again vote against the interest and protection for women and their reproductive health choices. If you care about these issues, Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala and Mark Herring are who you need to support.” said State Senator Jennifer Boysko, a former board member of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

Watch Press Conference Here


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