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Video: AG Mark Herring Releases First TV Ad of General Election; “As Attorney General, I’ve worked to keep Virginia families safe.”


From the AG for Mark Herring reelection campaign:


LEESBURG — In his new ad, “Dose of Reality”, Attorney General Mark Herring addresses the opioid crisis and  speaks to his progress on making Virginia a more safe and just Commonwealth through his work to keep opiates off the streets, put sexual offenders and traffickers behind bars, all while implementing important reforms in the criminal justice system.

Read the transcript below: 

Listening to the survivors of violence… and the victims of addiction… grounds you. It’s a dose of reality that never leaves you. As Attorney General, I’ve worked to keep Virginia families safe. We’ve kept millions of dollars of heroin off our streets, used cutting-edge technology to put online predators, human traffickers, and rapists behind bars. And we’ve done it all holding law enforcement more accountable. I’m Mark Herring and I know we can have a safer and more just Virginia.


To this date, the Attorney General’s office has worked 90 cases against some of the biggest dealers and traffickers in the state involving more than 430 pounds of heroin worth millions on the streets.

Attorney General Mark Herring also went after the pharmaceutical company for their role in worsening the epidemic and recovered 10’s of billions of dollars.

AG Herring’s office has to date prosecuted over a hundred including criminals in possession of firearms, taking an important steps to reducing violent crimes by getting illegal guns off our streets and out of the hands of criminals. This year, the Attorney General has continued his fight against illegal ghost guns in the Commonwealth. He has helped implement Lethality Assessment Protocol, an innovative tool to prevent domestic violence and homicide, in dozens of communities around the Commonwealth.

Attorney General Mark R. Herring also secured $525,000 in federal grant funding to continue the work of the Hampton Roads Human Trafficking Task Force (HRHTTF) for at least three more years and allow the Task Force to expand into new localities, including the city of Williamsburg, the town of Smithfield, and Mathews, Accomack, and Northampton Counties. The Attorney General also led a multiyear, multimillion dollar project to completely eliminate Virginia’s backlog of untested rape kits, testing more than 2,600 kits and leading to new charges against perpetrators.


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