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Stafford County NAACP Rips Republican School Board Candidate For Sharing “hateful bigoted memes” That Are “homophobic, transphobic, and  Islamophobic in nature”

"We need school board members and leaders who stand for equality"


We reported on this back on October 15 (haven’t seen almost anything in the “mainstream media,” of course, despite them having many times the resources we do!); now, check out the Stafford County NAACP’s statement, which says:

Alyssa Halstead, a Stafford County school board candidate for the Hartwood District, recently shared hateful bigoted memes on her social media and a community organization’s page that are a threat to the civil rights and anti-discrimination protections of our students. The founders of the NAACP fought tirelessly to eradicate discrimination in our nation’s communities and schools. It is both alarming and concerning that a candidate running for school board would display such blatantly bigoted ideas as it threatens the very nature of what we stand for.


These shared memes are homophobic, transphobic, and  Islamophobic in nature. The pictures depict gay, Muslim, and transgender students as the subjects of ridicule, and they have the potential to incite fear. One of the memes Halstead shared characterizes new migrant immigrants as only coming to America to collect government assistance and become welfare recipients. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most are extremely hard workers who become productive members of society, contributing to the economy and paying their fair share of taxes. These dangerous messages continue to fuel the hate that we see growing across our communities for individuals of different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identity…

…We, the NAACP, are asking that you stand against hate, stand against segregation and discrimination, and stand up for the civil rights of all students. We need school board members and leaders who stand for equality and will fight to bring unity to Stafford County schools and communities.


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