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Video: On “The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart” (Where Glenn Youngkin REFUSES to Appear), Terry McAuliffe Mocks Youngkin For Calling Pledge of Allegiance to Flag Used on 1/6 “Weird” – As Opposed to “Disgraceful,” “Despicable,” “Unpatriotic,” “UnAmerican”


This morning on “The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart,” Terry McAuliffe DID appear to talk about his record, his vision for Virginia and the stark contrast with his Trump-endorsed, insurrectionist-supported opponent, Glenn Youngkin. See below for video and a few highlights, including at the end of the interview, where Jonathan Capehart notes that MSNBC as asked Youngkin “numerous times” to appear on the show, but that Youngkin has “declined.” This isn’t an isolated situation, either, as Youngkin also has blown off CNN, is literally sneaking around in back alleys (see below) in an attempt to avoid answering questions about his extremist views/supporters, but IS appearing on faaaar-right media outlets, whether far-right talk radio or white nationalist Tucker Carlson or also-white-nationalist Sebastian Gorka, etc. In short, Youngkin is almost completely avoiding the “mainstream media” but IS courting the far-right, white nationalist/supremacist media.  Anything else you need to know about why it’s crucially important to vote on or before 11/2 for Democrats up and down the ballot? With that, here are a few key quotes by Terry McAuliffe on Jonathan Capehart’s show this morning:

  • McAuliffe said the differences between Glenn Youngkin could “not be more stark.” McAuliffe noted that Youngkin has been endorsed by Trump six times and said so much of the reason why he’s running is because of Trump.
  • McAuliffe pointed out that Youngkin “wants to outlaw abortion,” “doesn’t believe in Medicaid expansion,” “wants to take money out of public schools and put it into private schools,” he’s focused on rolling back voting rights, etc.
  • McAuliffe called this past week’s pro-Youngkin rally with Steve Bannon, Amanda Chase – and even a pledge of allegiance to a flag that was used at the 1/6 pro-Trump insurrection/coup attempt –  “so despicable, so disgraceful.” And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, Donald Trump called in to the rally to say that Glenn Youngkin “will do whatever we want him to do.”
  • McAuliffe said “Democrats have woken up here in Virginia,” we’re “going to do 100,000 doors” this weekend, plus “Souls to the Polls” and rallies with Stacey Abrams and Keisha Lance Bottoms.
  • McAuliffe said that, in stark contrast to Youngkin, if he ever found out that people pledged allegiance to a flag at one of his “surrogate” events, as happened with Youngkin, he wouldn’t just call it “weird” (whatever that even means), he’d call it “disgraceful, despicable,” “unpatriotic,” “unAmerican,” and “demand an apology.” McAuliffe added that Youngkin also went out and “actually praised the people who put the event together,” so “he’s a fraud.”
  • On the issue of Democratic enthusiasm, McAuliffe correctly pointed out that the media absolutely *loves* this narrative – “these reporters can write the same stories every four years…they just recycle these.” McAuliffe talked about his record as governor, his support for a $15-an-hour minimum wage by 2024, for paid sick leave, for family medical leave, for voting rights, for investing in education, for protecting women’s right to reproductive freedom, etc. McAuliffe noted, again, that his campaign is going to knock 100,000 doors this weekend, that he’s had over 100,000 donors – “seven times the number of donors that Glenn Youngkin has.”


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