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Youngkin Caught on Video Saturday Night Yet AGAIN, Saying How “Appreciative” He Is For Trump’s Support, and Claiming Barack Obama, Jill Biden and Stacey Abrams Are “Crazy People”

From the same guy who's supported by far-right insurrectionists and nutjobs like Steve Bannon, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, etc.


So, let’s get this straight – Glenn Youngkin is supported by a bunch of extremists, insurrectionists, nutjobs, Florida and Texas politicians, etc. (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Steve Bannon, John McGuire, Amanda Chase, you name it), yet he bizarrely believes that it’s actually 100% sane, mainstream, admirable, amazing people like Jill Biden, Barack Obama and Stacey Abrams who are “all these crazy people who have nothing to do with Virginia?” Is this the epitome of psychological “projection,” or is Glenn Youngkin just completely unhinged – or what?!?  Check this out…from “at an event on Saturday [at which he said] that he was ‘so appreciative’ to have gotten support from former President Donald Trump.”

By the way, videos like this make it crystal clear why Youngkin is absolutely terrified of talking to anyone outside the far-right media echo chamber (Seb Gorka, Tucker Carlson, etc.). Because every time he does so (e.g., remember this one, in which he admitted he was lying to Virginia voters about his view on banning abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood?). Anyway, bottom line: this guy’s a disaster who shouldn’t be elected to anything, EVER, let alone governor of Virginia. Let’s blow him out on 11/2 and send a clear, resounding message to the world that Virginians won’t put up with this Trumpist insanity.


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