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Glenn Youngkin – Who Has Zero Virginia Government Experience – Is Far Behind Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam in Filling His Cabinet

Youngkin also seems less focused on hiring Virginians...


See below for some interesting information from VPAP, which finds that at this point in 2013, Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe had named 10 cabinet appointees; in 2017, Governor-elect Ralph Northam had named 9 cabinet appointees; and so far this year, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has named just 3 cabinet appointees (Aimee Rogstad Guidera as Secretary of Education, Caren Merrick as Secretary of Commerce, Steve Cummings as Secretary of Finance). Why is Youngkin moving so slowly compared to McAuliffe and Youngkin? Hard to say, but perhaps the fact that Youngkin has ZERO experience in Virginia government, has never held elective office, etc?  Also note that neither Cummings nor Guidera appear to be from Virginia, which is in stark contrast to McAuliffe’s and Northam’s cabinets, both of which were overwhelmingly filled by Virginians…


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