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Audio: Glenn Youngkin Rants About “Privilege Bingo,” “Critical Race Theory,” “teachers’ unions and teachers associations and the left liberals”

Youngkin also pledges to "press forward on our charter school agenda big time," "clean house" at the Virginia Department of Elections


This morning, Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) appeared on right-wing media (“The John Fredericks Show”), which apparently is his “safe space,” as he almost never appears on non-right-wing media. In and of itself, that’s very telling. Also very telling is what Youngkin has to say when he goes on these shows. This morning, for instance, Youngkin had a bunch of things to say, most of which made little if any sense to those outside the right-wing echo chamber. See below for audio, as well as a few “highlights,” using that word very loosely…

  • “We’re gonna make sure that we deliver on the day one game plan; that’s what we were sent here to do…I’m gonna absolutely do what I promised I was going to do…I think that Virginians needed a different kind of candidate and I’m going to be a  different kind of governor, I guess, because I’m going to deliver on what I said I was going to do.”
  • “I mean, is it a surprise that some of these school systems  – and the reality is it’s about 25 out of our 130 school systems across Virginia who aren’t recognizing the rights of parents today, and oh by the way, they haven’t been recognizing the rights of parents all along. And so I’m not surprised at all to hear the these reactions from school boards that have consistently prioritized bureaucrats and politicians over the rights of parents…By the way, John, we all know this, that parents not only have a fundamental right in Virginia to make decisions with regards to their kid’s education, their upbringing and their care. There is no one in a better better position to look after the health and well-being of their child than their parents…I’m not going to stop fighting for the rights of parents to make these decisions for their kids.”
  •  “I think that many many many school systems absolutely wanted to stand up for parents, but again, there was this constant drumbeat of that from the education unions that consistently try to work against parents’ rights…I mean, let’s be real; Virginia was only one of 16 states that had a statewide mask requirement, and this whole sentiment is moving against the teachers, the teachers’ unions and teachers associations and the left liberalswe’re on the right side of standing up for parents’ rights…This is why Virginians elected me governor, this is why Virginians elected a majority  of Republicans in the House of Delegates, this is why we swept the statewide races, because Virginians are tired of this…”
  • We’re going to get these inherently divisive teaching practices out of the classroom. I mean, just this past week, Fairfax County…actually was using a game called ‘Privilege Bingo’, where you had to rate who was more privileged based on race and religion and whether you served in the military or not…This is the kind of inherently divisive practice that we’re getting out of our school systemThese are the fundamental tenets that critical race theory has embedded in our school system. And I think it’s laughable when people say that there’s not a critical race theory course in the class. Well of course there’s not. These are the tenets that have made their way into the classroom and when you see a ‘Privilege Bingo’ being used in high school all you can do is shake your shake your head and say this is exactly what we’re talking about and why I signed that executive order executive order number one to actually get critical race theory out of our schools.”
  • “…In fact we have incredibly incredibly abhorrent chapters, dark chapters in our history that we have to teach, that we understand where we’ve come from so we don’t go there.
    But what this executive order clearly states is practices like teaching that one group is inherently privileged and another is a victim or that in fact people today should be held responsible for sins of the past, these are the kinds of teaching practices that exist in our schools and we are going to get them out.”
  • “Jason Miyares was elected by Virginians to stand up for Virginians. And when it comes to making sure that parents have the fundamental rights that are guaranteed under the Virginia code, he’s standing up for them. And he continues to be a great great great Attorney General.”
  • We’re going to get critical race theory and other inherently divisive teaching practices out of the schools and we’re going to press forward on our charter school agenda big time.”
  • “Virginia is way behind even our peer states in Maryland and North Carolina; they literally have hundreds of these [charter schools] and we have eight…”
  • On “cleaning house” at the Virginia Department of Elections, Youngkin said “yes is the short answer; the long answer is that we…fully expect that when when the current
    commissioner’s term is up, that we will replace him…I feel that we have to make the Department of Elections non-political and independent, we need to have photo id, we should make sure that the rolls are updated every month.”

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