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Glenn Youngkin’s WaPo Op-Ed Getting Eviscerated in the Comments Section (e.g., “You are spreading anti-science to a loud, uninformed minority”)

Also: "Rule by the minority by executive order isn’t listening to parents, it’s appeasing vaccine denying public health menaces.”


See below for the top-rated comments on Glenn Youngkin’s Washington Post op-ed (entitled, “Virginia’s parents can decide what’s best for their children”). As you can see, there’s no support for Youngkin to be found in the top-rated comments; in fact, far from it, with almost everyone ripping the you-know-what out of Youngkin for his idiocy.

  • 471 “likes:” “Society is larger than those parents whose children are in school at the moment. Every taxpayer contributes to the school and every taxpayer should have a say, not just the ephemeral parents passing through. That is why education is entrusted not to parents who come and go, but to educators, trained in best practices, trained to work with children and to understand the needs children have. Parents are not necessarily the people who know best about things like wearing masks. Public health officials, pediatricians and psychologists are people who voices need to be heard.”
  • 283 “likes”: “Youngkin is pandering to a minority of parents who regard mask mandates as an infringement on their “liberty”. Where is our right to teach or learn in our schools in a safe work environment? 60 kids came to Loudoun County schools without masks on Jan.24 while Youngkin tries to pander to this minority yelling ,” this is about liberty!” —-60 out of 83,000! Of course his AG already gave us a clue about Youngkin’s disregard for safe schools when she campaigned while brandishing an automatic rifle across her chest. Now, Youngkin wants to soften his words so he can have it both ways. Too late, buddy. You are spreading anti-science to a loud, uninformed minority. I hope the courts defeat your ignorant disregard for our health and safety.”
  • 254 “likes”: “If parents can choose what is best for their kids, why do parents not have the option to send their kids to a school where everyone is masked?”
  • 189 “likes”: “Parents are not educators. God help today’s kids and save them from the perils of ignorance”
  • 169 “likes“: “My sister-in-law is a Chinese national. She never learned about Tiananmen Square in school in China, never even knew about the protests there until she moved to the US. The policy supported by this governor and other anti-education Republicans, based on irrational fear of critical race theory etc., would have American students growing up as ignorant about slavery and racism as my sister-in-law did about Chinese oppression.”
  • 145 “likes”: “Or, as a parent, I choose to have my child attend a school safe from covid. When 95%+ of other parents agree that masking is the best way to insure this, and this best practice is supported not only by the science and evidence, the CDC and school educators, why can’t these parents choose to say if a child doesn’t have a mask in, they can’t share the same classrooms as masked students and must be kept isolated? Either in dedicated classrooms where they are taught virtually (can’t force teachers to share this room either) or at home?
    Choice works both ways.”
  • 141 “likes”: “Parents elected school boards and now they don’t like the decisions made by those elected by the majority. Rule by the minority by executive order isn’t listening to parents, it’s appeasing vaccine denying public health menaces.”
  • 135 “likes”: “Expected more out of Virginia, beware of this guy, he’s selling snake oil.”
  • 132 “likes”: “Mandating a mask in school is NOT dictating how parents are raising their kids. It is ONLY dictating health standards within the school. It is not a political statement, but a health-related decision. Your position, governor, is patently ridiculous and dangerous, and comes down on the side of spreading COVID. How utterly foolish are you willing to be in order to score political points? Next, will we determine that school dress codes are dictating how parents are raising their kids? After all, what if parents want to raise their kids as nudists? Shouldn’t their kids be allowed to attend school in their birthday suits? What about those belligerent parents who decide to raise their kids as bullies? Are we going to allow schools to prevent their bullying behavior?”
  • 110 “likes”: “So basically Youngkin’s position is it’s okay to let your children play with loaded weapons, because you, as a parent, decided that’s that’s what is best for your child, and society at large. Becoming a parent isn’t that hard, all it takes is unprotected sex, and after you do that, why, you’re way smarter than a scientist. Youngkin’s already revealed himself as a bad joke.”
  • 99 “likes”: “So let every crank and crackpot have equal input into how the schools are run and how children are taught and sideline the actual experts. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster at all…IDIOT”
  • 95 “likes”: “Stop treating Virginia parents as if they are one monolithic group opposed to masks. That is simply not true. For every 100 loud mouth anti-mask screamers, there are 500 silent parents that are grateful that their children, their teachers, school staff, bus drivers and others are kept safe by wearing a simple paper mask.”

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