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House Democrats Unveil 2022 Priorities to Continue Building a Better Virginia


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

House Democrats Unveil 2022 Priorities to Continue Building a Better Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, House Democrats announced their legislative priorities for the upcoming Session and highlighted many of their accomplishments from their time in the majority. House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn and Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring made it clear that their top priority is to protect the advances they made against Republican efforts to roll them back.

In particular, the 2022 House Democrats will focus on three key areas:

  • Supporting Our Public Schools
  • Keeping Virginia Families Healthy
  • Ensuring Economic Security for All

House Democratic Leadership release the following statements:

“For the last two years, House Democrats have built a safer, more prosperous, and inclusive Virginia,” said House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn. “Working families across the Commonwealth are counting on us to protect and build upon the progress we’ve made.”

“Working families in Virginia have a lot on their plates, so we made it easier to make ends meet and take care of their loved ones,” said Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “Our aim is to ensure every family has access to a quality education, affordable health care, and a good-paying job that provides them with the security they deserve.”

The following are some of the bills that House Democrats have introduced for the 2022 Session:

Supporting Our Public Schools

  • HB535 (Clark) Raise teacher pay to be at or above national average
  • HB1135 (Bourne) Implement 2021 SOQs; grants flexibility to provide compensation adjustments to teachers, increases for support staff and counselors
  • HB581(VanValkenburg) Require each local school board to establish a teacher career ladder compensation program
  • HB254 (Simonds) Create School Construction Fund
  • HB389 (Bulova) Increase access to affordable early childhood education

Keeping Virginia Families Healthy

  • HB330 (Watts) Increase nursing home standards
  • HB1012 (Tran) Establish Comprehensive Children’s Healthcare coverage
  • HB403 (Willett) Create the role of Mental Health Care Coordinator in Dept. of Veterans Services
  • HB1106 (McQuinn) Establish a Produce Rx Program as a three-year pilot program

Ensuring Economic Security for All

  • HB824 (Torian) Expand availability of the Virginia Housing Opportunity Tax Credit
  • HB476 (Murphy) Establish retail small business grant program
  • HB718 (Filler-Corn) Establish apprenticeship office
  • HB720 (Filler-Corn) Create family caregiver tax credit
  • HB851 (Reid) Paid Sick Leave

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