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Video: “Governor, where is your mask?…look around you governor, you’re in Alexandria. Read the room buddy!”

Alexandria continues to urge people to wear masks "in public indoor spaces" like supermarkets.


Great job by the woman calling out Youngkin for not wearing a mask in an Alexandria Safeway yesterday. As for the guy who gets in her face, that’s completely unacceptable behavior; is he a Youngkin staffer or what? By the way, the City of Alexandria says:

“The City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Health Department continue to urge Alexandria residents, businesses and visitors to ‘Wear It Well’ by wearing a mask in public indoor spaces, whether vaccinated or not. This follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that everyone should wear masks in indoor public settings in communities of substantial or high transmission.”

Not that Youngkin gives a rat’s hindquarters, because that’s how he and his party roll…


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