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“Today, we return to Richmond to reaffirm and defend Virginia’s traditions of investing in our people and public servants in a fiscally conservative manner while balancing our budget instead of $3.2B of reckless tax cut gimmicks”


The Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate convene today at noon for a special session, after Gov. Youngkin on March 23 called for one in order to “to address the unfinished work from the 2022 legislative session.” Of course, the work was largely unfinished due to the fact that there are VERY different visions between Republicans and Democrats about what the budget should look like.

As you can see from the graphic, below, Democrats are looking to raise teacher pay 10%, increase funding for K-12 support positions, provide $200 million for at-risk schools, provide “REAL raises” for mental health workers, increase funding for affordable housing by $190 million and for local police by $49 million. In stark contrast, House Republicans provide NO new money for K-12 support positions, at-risk schools, a refundable earned income tax credit, affordable housing or local police. Stark differences that are highly reflective of the differing values of the two parties.

For more on the upcoming special session, and what Virginia’s legislature should do regarding the budget, see:


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