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Loudoun Democrats: Another Sheriff’s Deputy Involved with Teen Girls.

"Our kids need to be protected from guns and predators and people who would use or abuse these precious children for political advantage."


From the Loudoun County Democratic Committee:

What is going on at the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office?

For the second time in recent months, an incident involving a sheriff’s deputy acting inappropriately with teenage girls in the community has come to light. In March, ex-Deputy Dustin Amos pleaded guilty to felony charges of soliciting a minor while on duty; the second case, revealed several days ago, involves a deputy enticing several intoxicated Loudoun teenage girls, at least one under 16, to swim late at night in a closed community pool in their underwear as he watched.

According to Fox 5 DC, which broke the story, the unnamed deputy, who used the name “Papabear” in his Snapchats with the girls, hung out with the teens while on duty, letting them sit in his car, play with his handcuffs and look at information on his computer, as well as taking selfies and videos of themselves in handcuffs and in the police vehicle.

That case, which occurred in 2019 and came to light when some of those involved recently spoke to Fox 5, ended with an internal Sheriff’s investigation allowing the deputy to stay on the job. It’s unknown if any disciplinary action was taken.

Unlike the 2019 case, Dustin Amos was snagged by an out-of-state sting operation, so rather than facing Mike Chapman’s internal affairs department, where he might have been given a pass, he faced charges brought by the Attorney General’s office.

We mention Chapman because he has expressed support for the crowd attacking our School Board – two members of which were completely exonerated in court recently – and our education system. They’re quick to politicize anything involving our kids.

It’s the same crowd who claim to be pro-parents, pro-life and therefore, they say, pro-child.

In reality, they are not pro-child. They prefer their guns over the lives of children in classrooms; they call for bans on abortion but are unwilling to fund programs – child tax credit, nutrition programs, health benefits – for those children once they’re born. And they insist on denying our children an education based on the sometimes-inconvenient realities of American history, which, as we know, really means they won’t talk about what happened in Buffalo; they won’t talk about Charlottesville; they won’t talk about Charleston; they won’t talk about Pittsburg.

They also refuse to talk about what really happened in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old was able to buy two weapons of mass destruction but couldn’t buy a beer until he was 21. They say it’s not about the guns. Seriously? It’s about the guns.

Our kids need to be protected from guns and predators and people who would use or abuse these precious children for political advantage.

We are not going to politicize the question surrounding sheriff’s deputies acting badly by going off on some crazed recall effort, attempting to short circuit the electoral process, as they have done with the school board. Yet, perhaps we need to consider some outside oversight, such as a community council keeping an eye on our sheriff’s office, as other communities have. Just sayin’, something should be done.


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