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Virginia 10-Day New COVID-19 Cases Down 84% Compared to 1/19, But Creeping Up Steadily; Hospitalizations Down to 420 From ~4,000 in January, But Also Increasing

10-day new cases (32,129) hit highest point since February 18; hospitalizations at highest level since mid-March


See below for the latest COVID-19 statistics for Virginia, courtesy of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA). As you can see, total cases hit 1,747,607, up 3,301 since the Tuesday morning report and up 32,128 over the past 10 days (waaaayyyy down from the 10-day average of 198,847 on 1/19, but creeping up steadily from low points reached in April). As for hospitalizations, according to VDH, we’re now at a cumulative 50,970, up 78 from the Tuesday morning statistics (also, VHHA has hospitalizations at 420… waaaayyyy down from the peak of around 4,000 back in January, although moving up from their low point a couple weeks ago). And deaths are at 20,328, up 0 from the Tuesday morning statistics.


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