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Video: On CNN, Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Talks About the “Horror” He Found in 1/6 Investigation; “QAnon and other conspiracy theories had inundated the Republican Party all the way up to the top levels”

"...you almost feel like you're reading a fantasy novel...and it is horror"


Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05), “who helped the January 6 committee link text messages sent to and from Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper what scared him about what he uncovered about the January 6 insurrection.” See below for video and highlights, including:

  • “To look at [Meadows’ text messages about overturning the 2020 election], it’s almost a road map to what happened…I think what people are going to understand about the Meadows text messages is how horrible they are. I have to tell you this, Anderson, when I first saw them, my bemusement turned into horror pretty quickly when I saw some of the language that was being used in there. I actually had to get away from the computer a couple times as I was looking at these text messages…Starting November 3rd, November 4th in the Meadows text messages all the way to the end, it is a road map. And I would have to say at this point, I think Mark Meadows is the MVP for the committee. I think they should pay him. The data that we got from there actually allowed us to really structure an effective investigation.”
  • “I was looking at former colleagues that were sending horrific things…it almost looked like it was a holy war within the text messages…sitting and former members of Congressmen…Trump appointees…fundraisers and donors…And it wasn’t just what they were saying, it wasn’t just this sort of spiritual warfare coupled with QAnon-type of religiosity and types of conspiracy theories, it was the fact that nobody pushed back or they would tacitly agree or they would say this is the plan we need to do…When you see them…it is a road map, but it also is something you really have to try to get your arms around…you almost feel like you’re reading a fantasy novel…And it is horror, because these are people who are serving our government and you can see almost QAnon and other conspiracy theories had inundated the Republican Party all the way up to the top levelsIt’s absolutely stunning that these individuals were in a position of power making policy.”
  • “When I first started this, I was afraid to use that term [coup] because I wanted to see the data…but looking at the interconnectivity between people…so many people are communicating, the link analysis is absolutely massive…what we *can* see is absolutely damning…we need another year to actually look at the amount of data that we have to see how deep this actually went.”
  • “When you see text messages that have all three branches of government involved...we had the wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice, we had the chief of staff of a congressman, the chief of staff of a president…When you talk about horror, when you talk about concern…this call to arms…at the top levels of government…it’s just so troubling…these were policy makers at the top echelons, the top levels of government…Was [Trump] really part of the command-and-control infrastructure and how deep does that go?”


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