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Bob Good (R-VA05)’s $1,000/Table Fundraiser Claims to “Honor Veterans.” Bob Good’s Record Does Not.

Good "has pandered to [veterans] while quietly voting to make their lives harder.”


From the Josh Throneburg for Congress (VA05) campaign:


Charlottesville – Josh Throneburg, Democratic Congressional nominee for Virginia’s Fifth District, has released the following statement in advance of Bob Good’s 7/16 fundraiser, which claims to honor veterans while exclusively raising money for Good’s campaign.

“This Saturday, Bob Good will be holding a $1000/table fundraiser that he’s calling ‘A Day For Veterans’.  He’s advertising that the event is to honor veterans but none of that money is going to veterans’ charities or services; the proceeds are all going to his campaign. This is a real pattern for Bob Good: he pays lip service to veterans, and then he goes back to DC and votes against their interests, and I am bothered that he is once again exploiting veterans for his own purposes with this fundraiser.

Bob Good’s fundraiser to ‘honor veterans’ is happening the same week that he voted against one of the most significant pieces of veterans’ legislation in years, the PACT Act.  This bill, which thankfully passed without Bob Good’s support, extends health care and disability service to millions of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who were sickened by exposure to toxic burn pits during their service. In his one term in office, he’s voted to make it harder for vets to enroll in the V.A., he’s voted against letting servicemembers seek restitution for sexual assault, he’s voted against veterans’ retraining programs, and despite his stated commitment to protecting life from the moment of conception, he voted against expanding maternity care and programs to reduce maternal mortality in the V.A. Given this record, it is outrageous that he’s now trying to capitalize on veterans’ service to raise money for his campaign.

I’ve spent the last two years talking to veterans who live in the Fifth District, and they have been clear about what they need. They don’t need empty events to ‘honor’ them, they need concrete action, better funding, and a commitment to repaying them for the years they have given to this nation. This is where Bob Good has fallen short. I’ve released a slate of policy proposals that I developed based on listening to veterans and my own commitment to representing their interests in Washington. I want to make sure that returning veterans have the support they need when they get home, from good, accessible health care, to expanded Vet Centers to guaranteed job retraining and placement.  Whatever Bob Good believes about veterans, he hasn’t used his position of power to represent their interests; instead, he has pandered to them while quietly voting to make their lives harder.”


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VA Enrollment/EVEST Act (HR 4673)https://justfacts.votesmart.org/bill/32224/84232/190745/evest-act#84232

Sexual assault/Dignity for MST Survivors Act (HR 6961):


Extending educational benefits to veterans whose initial training program was shut down (S4089)https://www.billtrack50.com/billdetail/1481581

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Protecting Moms Who Serve Act (S796)https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/796?overview=closed


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