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Video: On “Morning Joe,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07) Calls Out Extremist Opponent for Rape Comments, Casting Doubts on 1/6, Defending the Insurrectionists


See below for video of Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07), speaking this morning on “Morning Joe” about her extremist/nutjob Republican opponent, Yesli Vega. Also, for more on Vega, see DCCC Launches New Billboard On Yesli Vega’s Comments Doubting Women Get Pregnant from Rape; DPVA Chair: “I am stunned by Yesli Vega’s comments. They are deeply hateful, offensive and an insult to all rape victims”; “What does anti-abortion #VA7 candidate Yesli Vega have in common with the late Todd Akin? She thinks it’s harder to get pregnant from rape.”; Republicans’ Nominee in VA-07 Calls End of Roe v Wade an “Amazing Victory”; etc.

Rep: Spanberger:  “It’s on everything, right, it’s whether or not a victim of rape can become pregnant. But then we see that there are states, because of the bans that they’ve put in place, that now hospital protocols are not giving Plan B to rape victims. The extreme nature of where so many states are lurching is becoming clear. In our race, the candidate running against me called doubts on what happened on 1/6, she’s defended the insurrectionists…These are people who beat police officers with American flags and American flagpoles and fire extinguishers, and yet in Virginia, in a district that…I did flip in 2018, that is a tossup district, this is the sort of engagement we’re seeing on the other side of the aisle. And so those are the extreme issues. But what about the meat and potatoes of governing?. The I-95 corridor runs through our district, the infrastructure bill is vitally important to our district, and you know I’ve got an opponent who most assuredly would have voted against that. Not to mention federal bans on abortion, not to mention these very very extreme positions that just aren’t tracking with what the country needs, let alone what voters want.”


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