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Video: In Joint Press Conference, Maine and Virginia Dems Blast “[Paul] LePage in a red vest,” “wacko governor” Glenn Youngkin for “eating lobster rolls with an unabashed racist”

VA House Dem Leader Don Scott: Youngkin "continues to run towards...this extremism and radicalism and this attack on people like myself, people of color."


A few minutes ago, the Maine and Virginia Democrats held a joint press conference to comment on the campaign trip today by Gov. Glenn Youngkin to Maine, in support of far-right-extremist nutjob, racist and former Gov. Paul LePage (R), who is once again running for governor in Maine.  See below for video. Also, a few notable quotes include:

  • Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine said that “at first glance, the two men might seem like an odd pairing; however, there’s more in common between the two of them than meets the eye – namely, they are both far-right extremists who are pushing policies that threaten the fundamental freedoms of the people in their states.” And, Gattine added, the point of the press conference  is “to make it clear just how dangerous these two men actually are.” Gattine said that Youngkin has “pursued exactly the same kind of harmful policies that really defined Paul LePage’s time in office here in Maine...attacking teachers, that are attacking LGBTQ+ people, and that are threatening abortion rights.
  • VA Democratic Party Chair Susan Swecker said that instead of doing his job in Virginia, Youngkin is busy “eating lobster rolls with an unabashed racist,” and that essentially, Youngkin is “Paul LePage in a red vest.” Swecker added that Youngkin’s “standing shoulder to shoulder” with someone who’s made “blatantly racist comments,” such as “the enemy right now is people of color” and that the “NAACP should apologize to the white people,” that “people of color are coming to Maine to impregnate white women.” As Swecker correctly noted, “that’s disgusting.” But “what’s even worse…earlier this week, Gov. Youngkin lied and said he was totally unaware of LePage’s comments.” But “now that he’s aware of these comments, though, [Youngkin]…still chooses to campaign for Paul LePage.” “If there was any doubt before, they now know that Gov. Youngkin isn’t some mild-mannered, sweater-vest-wearing moderate, he’s another far-right culture war…LePage in a red vest.”
  • VA House Dem Leader Don Scott said “we have our own wacko governor here”; Youngkin’s “probably spent more time in Arlington, TX than he has in Arlington, VA, because he’s spending most of his time going around trying to let everybody know how unqualified he is to not only be governor of Virginia but also how unqualified he is and radical to be president of the United States.” Youngkin “spends most of his time basically being a sycophant for former President Trump and letting folks know there is no line that he won’t cross for Trump’s love and affection.” Scott added that “as a person of color, it’s offensive to know that the governor of Virginia would go and campaign with someone who literally said these words – you can’t make this stuff up – that people of color are his enemies” and implied that they should be shot. Scott said it’s “disrespectful to the people of…Virginia that Gov. Youngkin would feel comfortable going to campaign with him.” Scott noted that Youngkin initially claimed he had no idea about the things LePage had said, and now that Youngkin DOES know exactly who LePage is, “you’d think he’d back away [from LePage]…because he claims to be a man of faith…instead [Youngkin] continues to run towards…this extremism and radicalism and this attack on people like myself, people of color.”


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