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Donald Trump, the GOP’s Leader, Had Dinner with a “white supremacist and Holocaust denier.” Have Any Republicans Condemned This?

How about Glenn Youngkin, who last year said "President Trump represents so much of why I'm running"


That’s right: Donald Trump – the leader of today’s (semi-?) fascist Republican Party “dined and conversed with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and rapper Ye at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Tuesday night, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”  Fuentes, of course, is – as Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) correctly points out – a “white supremacist and Holocaust denier.”  Oh, and as Judd Legum notes, “Trump INNOCENTLY invited someone to dinner who recently pledged to go ‘death con 3’ on the Jews and was shocked that he brought along another anti-Semite,” yet have any Republicans – including Glenn Youngkin, who last year said that “President Trump represents SO MUCH of why I’m running” – condemned this?  Are those crickets we hear?


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