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VA GOP in Disarray: Trump Goes Racist on “Young Kin” (“Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?”); Amanda Chase Rips Tim Anderson Comments as “hurtful, divisive and quite honestly odd”


The Republican Party having a “normal one” this morning, huh? Seriously, though, who in their right mind would vote for any of these extremists, “Big Lie” promoters, racists, nutjobs, etc?

First off, check out Trump’s racist, bizarre post, in which he writes about “Young Kin” (seriously, that’s how Trump spelled it) and then, vicious racist that he is, says “Sounds Chinese, doesn’t it?”  Sick shit. Also, the thought that racist nutjob, criminal, etc. Donald Trump was ever president of our country is beyond horrifying. As is the thought that Glenn Youngkin actually said, “President Trump represents SO MUCH of why I’m running”  – and proudly accepted the endorsement of a guy who TRIED TO OVERTHROW OUR DEMOCRACY! Just think about that.

Next, check out the audio of VA Sen. Amanda Chase (R) on far-right talk radio (WRVA) this morning, where she said in response to Del. Tim Anderson (R)’s comments yesterday about her and about Trump:

“You shouldn’t go after a fellow Republican…I know Tim [Anderson’s] heart, I know he meant well, but what he said was disappointing, hurtful, divisive and quite honestly odd. Now, I do know…he’s eyeing [Jen Kiggans’ Senate seat]…and I know Tommy Norment…telling Tim Anderson you’re going to have to denounce Amanda Chase if you’re going to get support for Jen Kiggans’ seat.”

What did Anderson say to trigger this? The following:

  • “[Chase] did no favors to [Yesli Vega] by talking about abortion a week before the election…we cannot hijack elections “
  • “I have advised Senator Chase I am withdrawing my endorsement of her re-election campaign.”
  • “Thrilled that Lt Gov Sears has now announced She will also not support President Trump for 2024. “
  • “Trump running for President is the absolute worst thing that can happen to Virginia state politics. We must take a different direction and the Virginia GOP and Republicans must divorce from Trump – for the sake of Virginia and for the sake of the nation.”

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