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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly Vows to Fight GOP’s “groundless, so-called investigations…designed for one purpose only…to undermine the legitimacy of a Democratic administration”


See below for video of Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) on CNN. According to Connolly, “Republicans are dusting off their tired, worn out, Obama-era playbook of frivolous ‘investigations’ and manufactured “scandals” designed to disguise their own extremism and grind the business of government to a halt. The American people won’t be fooled.” As Rep. Connolly put it, “this is a shopworn approach by Republicans…insinuation, slander, fabrication, disinformation, conspiracy-based theories that take them nowhere…Benghazi…the Hillary Clinton emails, on and on, and none of them produced a thing except breathless headlines.

By the way, gotta love the bizarre, completely f’ed-up false equivalence by the CNN interviewer, who laughably compares Congressional investigations of the wildly corrupt, criminal, incompetent, treasonous Trump administration with the law-abiding, competent, ethical Biden administration. Just bizarre. As Rep. Connolly said, “to compare Joe Biden to Donald Trump…I don’t think there’s any equivalence between that and whether Joe Biden has a son who showed good or bad judgement…they’re very different things.” Bottom line: the Republicans’ “groundless, so-called investigations…are designed for one purpose only, and that is to undermine the legitimacy of a Democratic administration, namely Joe Biden, as they did during the Obama years and it didn’t work.”

P.S. On another note, Rep. Connolly praised Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and said he has his vote for Democratic Leader and to “begin to fill the big shoes of Nancy Pelosi.”


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