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Del. Lamont Bagby Says He Will Announce at 1 pm Monday How He “plan[s] to help build on the McEachin legacy for the next generation” in VA04


On December 2, I posted about potential Democratic candidates for the upcoming VA04 special election. The most likely ones included State Senator Jennifer McClellan, Delegate Lamont Bagby and former Del. Lashrecse Aird, with other possibilities including Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, State Senator Joe Morrissey, Richmond City Commonwealth’s Attorney Collette McEachin, etc. At this point, it’s looking like it could end up being just Del. Bagby (see his tweet and press release, below about his announcement tomorrow) and Sen. McClellan, although former Del. Aird is also still a possibility.

In terms of the VA04 special election date, which Gov. Youngkin hasn’t announced yet, keep in mind that “Absentee voting in person shall be available on the forty-fifth day prior to any election and shall continue until 5:00 p.m. on the Saturday immediately preceding the election.” And note that the 2023 VA General Assembly adjournment sine die date is Saturday, February 25, in case Youngkin wants to hold the special election before that (if McClellan wins, she’d resign from the State Senate, meaning the Democratic majority could be as low as 20-19, depending on the results of the crucial SD7 special election coming up on January 10, 2023).

BTW, whoever wins the VA04 Dem nomination will almost certainly be elected to Congress & also will almost certainly be in this seat for a looong time. So this election is really crucial, yet will turnout be very low, because voters aren’t aware it’s happening or what’s at stake, plus the fact that it will be a party-run caucus (not a state-run primary) around the holidays and in the middle of the winter?

With that, here’s what Del. Bagby’s saying, including a strong emphasis on his close ties to former Rep. Donald McEachin, and how he “plan[s] to help build on the McEachin legacy for the next generation” when he announces his campaign at 1 pm Monday. Stay tuned!



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