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Audio: VA House Majority Leader Terry Kilgore (R) Says Gov. Youngkin WILL Introduce 12-Week Abortion Ban in the 2023 General Assembly Session

The crucial need for Dems to win next Tuesday's special election for SD07 got even clearer!


This morning on right-wing/MAGA talk radio (WRVA in Richmond), Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader Terry Kilgore (R) had the following to say about Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s plans regarding the 2023 General Assembly session (which starts next Wednesday, January 11) and abortion. According to Kilgore:

“Oh absolutely, I think the governor is going to come forward with a bill, maybe 12 weeks – I’m not sure how the other side is going to play that – but 12 weeks, that seems very reasonable if you follow the science…on life. I think we should be able to get there…I know the governor is going to go forward, I know the governor is very committed to bringing forth abortion. I know the house caucus is very committed to setting the parameters on abortion to where it’s reasonable. You should not be able to you know, uh, kill, you know you should not be able to have an abortion all the way up to birth, that’s just – you know as our last Governor said – that’s just not right.”

So with that, the critical importance of Democrats winning next Tuesday’s special election in SD07 got even clearer, as did the need for Democrats to: a) hold (or preferably increase!) our Senate majority in November; b) take back the House of Delegates in November as well!

P.S. Remember, Youngkin’s tried to hide his position on abortion since the 2021 campaign (when the media massively failed in exposing him as the right winger he is, even moronically claiming he was some sort of “6 foot 5 mystery date”!), but Youngkin’s clearly said he’d “happily and gleefully” sign “any bill” to restrict a woman’s ability to make her own health care decisions.” And now he might have that chance.


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