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House Republicans’ Extreme Rules Package Is “telling you a lot about their majority.” And It’s All Bad.

Meanwhile, far-right Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) claims that 10-15 Rs will vote tomorrow against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.


With a new Congress starting up tomorrow, with Republicans holding a narrow lead in the U.S. House, and with Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership battle in serious jeopardy, there’s a lot to process as we head into 2023. For some thoughts on the Republicans’ draft rules package, see below for a thread by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08)’s Deputy Chief of Staff Aaron Fritschner. Why does this matter? As Fritschner explains:

“Rules packages aren’t just rules, they have significant policy implications. This package will change, and they still have to get the votes, but they are telling you a lot about their majority here…Top of the list is the one I’ve worked on most and written about previously on here, the official return of the Holman Rule. DC grossly underrates the importance of this for the 118th imo”

Scary stuff.  And as if that’s not crazy enough, see below for video of far-right-extremist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) speaking this morning on “Fox & Friends” about how he still opposes McCarthy for Speaker, and how supposedly 10-15 Republicans will vote against him tomorrow, killing his candidacy.  Fun times? Yes, except that we actually have a country that needs responsible governing, not MAGA Republican lunacy. Unfortunately, voters narrowly put those lunatics in charge – albeit by a VERY slim margin – of the U.S. House, so here we are…


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