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Video: Former Rep. Elaine Luria Says “I don’t think there will be any governing possible with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker”

"...this is two years where they're not going to accomplish anything...It's about grievances, it's not about governing"


By any measure, former Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) is an American hero for her service to our country in so many ways, including the U.S. Navy and the January 6 Select Committee. Unfortunately, though, thanks largely to a district that was made significantly “redder” thanks to the fatally flawed Virginia redistricting amendment, Rep. Luria is no longer in the U.S. House. However, she’s still an important leader, still has a great future ahead of her, and still is speaking out.

For instance, see the following video of former Rep. Luria on MSNBC’s Deadline White House yesterday. Among other things, Luria commented on the need for accountability not just for the “foot soldiers” of 1/6/21 insurrection, but of those “at the top.” And Luria ripped the odious Kevin McCarthy. Check it out.

“We’re not a nation where the foot soldiers – these 900 people who’ve been charged with on the petty crimes and some things all the way up to sedition – that that they’re held accountable, but the people at the top are not. And I think the work of the committee, our criminal referrals, are really important. And I think it’s a strong message to the Justice Department…I just hope to see that that investigation leads to something, truly to accountability for the former president, for the people close to him, who enabled this, who called the rioters to DC, who spread the election lies.

And one of the things that’s most disheartening still is that as we watch this mess on the House floor for the Speaker election, these are the very people – two-thirds of the Republicans voted to not certify the election results on January 6th – and when we’re looking for leaders, Kevin McCarthy is as far as you can get from a leader…you played a call earlier from him…to his colleagues saying that the former president bears responsibility, he called out this violence, yet it didn’t take too long, I think January 13th, he was on his way down to Mar-A-Lago back with Trump, and continued to lead his merry band of other members of the House in denying the truth and the facts…

…I have a lot of feelings watching what’s going on [in the House]…It’s a little bit like amateur hour…it’s kind of ironic that the Republicans just lambasted Nancy Pelosi year after year after year…but looking today, I mean Kevin McCarthy is not anywhere close to being able to lead his caucuswhat negotiations and deals he’s making in these back rooms, I mean that’s going to loom over his head through this entire Congress. I think this is two years where they’re not going to accomplish anything…It’s about grievances, it’s not about governingI don’t think there will be any governing possible with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.”


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