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VA House MAGA Republicans Kill Nearly Every Gun Violence Prevention Bill

"House Democrats Filed Nearly Twenty Gun Reform Bills, All But One of Which Have Been Killed By House Republican"


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:

House Republicans Kill Nearly Every Gun Violence Prevention Bill

House Democrats Filed Nearly Twenty Gun Reform Bills, All But One of Which Have Been Killed By House Republicans

RICHMOND, VA – The House MAGA Republicans have killed all but one of the seventeen proposed gun violence prevention reforms proposed by Democrats. Just over two weeks ago, Democrats held a press conference unveiling their bills aimed at keeping our communities safe, with popular, commonsense solutions that are proven to make a difference that they invited Republicans to join in supporting. The bills covered a range of popular solutions that would make our schools, our homes, and our communities safer.

“Gun violence impacts all of our communities – urban communities and rural communities; white, Black, and Latino communities. It impacts kids and adults, impacts us in our schools and in our homes,” Leader Don Scott said. “Make no mistake: This is an epidemic harming all of us. And gun violence is entirely preventable. So, we can’t wait. Virginia can’t wait. Our constituents can’t wait.”

“Republicans continue to be unwilling to come to the table on fighting the gun violence epidemic,” Chair Charniele Herring said, “They refuse to acknowledge the work that needs to be done to keep our communities safe. Gun violence is not an issue we can continue to overlook or pretend isn’t a serious problem, and ignoring the violence our constituents endure will only precipitate more harm.”

In a rousing floor speech today, Delegate Nadarius Clark called out Republican hypocrisy on this issue, “Many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are talking about what our youth need, what our schools need to be safe, and what our communities need to be safe. You know what no child in my office has ever asked me for? More guns.” He addressed the people of his district directly in his closing: “I’m sorry this body doesn’t have the courage to stand up for you.”

Just last week, Delegates Dan Helmer, Marcia Price, Candi Mundon King, and Sally Hudson all spoke on this issue on the floor. “Republicans realized the full MAGA agenda,” Helmer said, “They defeated bills brought forward by House Democrats to keep our community safe.”

Below is the full list of gun violence prevention legislation that was brought forth by Democrats, many of which have been subsequently killed by Republicans:

HB1579: Delegate Rip Sullivan’s bill bars anyone convicted twice within a 5-year period of operating a vehicle while intoxicated from being allowed to purchase or transport firearms; the bar is removed once five years have passed with no further convictions for DUI.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB1656: Delegate Marcia Price’s bill authorizes a two-year JLARC study of the social, physical, emotional, and economic effects of gun violence on communities across the Commonwealth. JLARC (Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission) is the General Assembly’s nonpartisan policy analysis agency, which conducts rigorous and objective research to serve the public.

  • Killed in Rules Committee

HB1729: Delegate Elizabeth Bennett-Parker’s bill supports robust and effective enforcement of the law by closing the dangerous loophole created when those subject to Final Protective Orders and those convicted of assault and battery transfer their firearms to a third party. The bill requires that prohibited persons report to the Court the name and address of the transferee and requires the transferee to live in another household.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB1788: Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn’s bill will bring microstamping technology to Virginia to help law enforcement solve gun crimes by requiring licensed dealers to sell or transfer only microstamping-enabled firearms beginning July 1, 2025. Modifying or disabling a firearm’s ability to stamp information on the casing of ammunition when fired from that firearm will be illegal.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB1936: Delegate Kenneth Plum’s bill establishes the Virginia Firearm Buy-Back Program and Fund within the Virginia State Police Department, to set up uniform standards for local law enforcement agencies if they choose to conduct firearms buy-back programs.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB2070: Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s bill will close the “dating relationship” loophole in current Virginia law barring a person convicted of assault & battery of a family or household member from purchasing, possessing or transporting a firearm.

  • Killed in Courts of Justice.

HB2078: Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s bill will help keep children safer by requiring licensed dealers, when selling or transferring a handgun, to provide a locking device for that firearm or include a specific written warning that handguns should be locked and kept away from children and that there can be civil or criminal liability for failing to do so.

  • Killed in Courts of Justice.

HB2141: Delegate Schuyler Van Valkenburg’s bill places criminal liability on a gun owner who allows a minor access to the gun if the minor uses it to commit a crime or to cause bodily harm to themselves or others.

  • Killed in Courts of Justice.

HB2227: Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s bill makes a parent/guardian who fails to reasonably secure a firearm away from a minor liable in a civil suit for injury to the person or property of another or for wrongful death caused by the minor’s possession and use of that firearm.

  • Killed in Courts of Justice.

HB2240: Delegate Dan Helmer’s bill prohibits the sale, manufacture, purchase, or transport of assault firearms, large-capacity firearm magazines, or silencers.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB2273: Delegate Cliff Hayes’s bill mandates a three-day waiting period between the customer’s consent for a firearms dealer to conduct the required criminal history check and the actual purchase of a firearm.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB2288: Delegate Mark Sickles’s bill expands the definition of “assault firearm” and requires that any person purchasing an assault firearm must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB2346: Delegate Elizabeth Guzman’s bill encourages Virginia school boards to make available to students a system to share (anonymously) messages and tips relating to violence or harm to self or others, including access to crisis counselors trained in violence risk assessment, suicide prevention, crisis management, and mental health support.

  • Killed in Education Early Childhood/Innovations subcommittee

HD2350: Delegate Marcus Simon’s bill requires separate locked storage for an unloaded firearm and its ammunition in any residence where the firearm owner knows (or should reasonably know) that a minor under 18 years of age is present.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB2365: Delegate Sally Hudson’s bill would ban firearms and explosives on public college campuses, just like Virginia already does for our K-12 public schools and other state-owned buildings.

  • Killed in Public Safety Subcommittee #1

HB 2232: Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s bill would amend the state plan for medical assistance services to ensure greater access and treatment for individuals who have sustained injury due to community or interpersonal violence, including gun violence.

  • Killed in Appropriations Health & Human Resources subcommittee

HB 2387: Delegate Alfonso Lopez’s bill would provide up to a $300 tax credit per year for the purchase of safety equipment, such as safes, lock boxes and trigger locks, from a federally licensed gun dealer.

  • Reported from Finance Committee and referred to Appropriations Committee.

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