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Video: Del. Candi Mundon King Tells GOP Colleagues, When It Comes to Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom, “We just don’t believe you”

"Don't tell us that...if we were nicer or smiled...that maybe we would have had a different outcome, because we all know that's not true"


Another day, another excellent speech by the always-impressive Del. Candi Mundon King (D-Prince William County). See below for video of the speech, which Del. King delivered earlier today, in response to a bunch of nonsense by Republican Del. Carrie Coyner, who absurdly – and falsely – claimed that the Democrats’ language for an amendment protecting women’s reproductive freedom somehow went “to the most extreme position possible,” and supposedly that Democrats could have “picked up some votes on this side” if only they had worked with their supposedly good-faith Republican colleagues. Del. Candi King then stood up and completely dismantled Coyner’s nonsense, saying:

“I had to rise and say for the mother who can feel pain, for the mother who can watch their child without a skull in pain, for the child who can lose their mother due to pregnancy complications, that’s why we actually filed a solution. And…it is VERY convenient to say, we could have said this or we could have said that. But noone on that side of the aisle did stand up for those mothers or stand up for those children or file those amendments that they thought might get a few votes. Not one single person.

And…it’s because on this side of the aisle, we have been unashamed that women and their families should make their healthcare decisions, that their lives matter, that their pain matters. And in a House that voted against birth control access and equity. In a House that voted against protecting menstrual data…against helping people who are surviving miscarriages…

We just don’t believe you. We don’t believe that if we said it different, that we would have a different outcome…Because when the time came to have a debate, noone on the other side of the aisle was willing to fight for that…don’t tell us that if we had just been a little more accessible, if we’d worded it differently, if we were nicer or smiled when we said it, that maybe we would have had a different outcome, because we all know that’s not true…”


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